Friday, October 7, 2005

Round Robin: Secrets

A bit late but here is my Round Robin: Secrets Entry!

These are full of my SECRETS! :-) Like I have so many juicy ones...Right! HA! I've been keeping journals since I was a little girl, but haven't been as regulary since probably graduate school. I still have my first journal (then called diaries). It is so funny to go back & read now...."Played Barbies with Angela" Ha! Ya, I was weird, played Barbies & then was in the swamp down the street catching tad poles later in the day! HA! 

My journals with the girls on them were intended for me to journal about my youngest niece. A while back there was an article in the newspaper about a man who when he found out his wife was pregnant he began to journal in just spiral notebooks. When his son turned 21 yrs old he gave him all the notebooks. He had journals EVERY SINGLE DAY! Can you imagine. What a gift of love to give! I was attempting to do that but life just gets in the way. I'm still plugging away at it & just doing it when I can. She is my angel! Time goes by so fast & I know my parents don't remember as much of my childhood as I would like, so perhaps this will add a bit more than she would have.

I think I have the most from my high school & college years. It is amazing to go back & read it now. How different I am & how I have grown in some ways & in other ways....I was much more carefree then & didn't care what people thought of me. I think I need to get some of that back now! I also was quite hmmm apparently clueless. Ha! There are things I just did not realize back then that now I am beginning to realize. But Boy the fun time I was leaving this bar with some friends & one of them walks out the door before me & she is in the snow hiking up her skirt & pulling her nylons up saying they are "sc**w**g at her ankles" HA! I just thought it was so funny then...probably all the Ouzo I had! Now see, at the time you think thisis great to journal about, but when my nieces read all this later man! Ha!

My New Secret Hiding Spot!

Country thinks he has found a secret spot recently! HA! He really thinks I can't see him. He sleep here like this for hours! He is too funny! I'm not sure if all he wants is to hide his eyes from the light or he just can't fit under there....he is 13lbs!

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ondinemonet said...

Tee Hee...I love the new hiding spot! Lovely entry honey!

Always, Carly :)

boiseladie said...

Too funny!  Your cat hiding half way under there for a nap.

lurkynat said...