Monday, October 3, 2005

Ok, So Who Isn't Too Busy?

I know I'd like to meet someone who isn't too busy too! :-) But I suppose there is busy & then there is busy! I hope you find this particular newsletter from Cheryl Richardson helpful! It is a great reminder!

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I've just returned from our retreat at Miraval Life in Balance and once gain it was an enlightening experience for us all. At the end of each retreat, I walk away feeling so inspired by the people who make a commitment to live their lives with eye-opening clarity. It takes great courage to stay awake while living in a world that constantly lulls us back into the trance of overwork and busyness.

At every retreat I've lead thus far, there's always a point where participants start to realize the cost of living life on auto-pilot. As one woman pointed out, "I've been pretending that my life is okay when deep down inside, I knew it wasn't. Now I understand why." As simple as it seems, this is one of the most valuable benefits of attending a retreat: we get to stop, take a few steps back, and see our lives as they truly are rather than as we imagine them to be.

Living in a state of overwhelm has grave costs. If you're too busy . . .

* You're not seeing your life as clearly as you could (you know this is happening when you get to the end of the day and wonder where the time went).

* You're not making choices from a place of power (you can't see all the options or, if you do, you don't have time to consider them).

* You're out of touch with what really matters (hint: look for a relationship that's suffering).

* You're tolerating something — a boring job, a draining relationship, a messy home, etc.

* You're settling for good, or worse, okay, rather than requiring great (just think about the last major decision you made).

* You're out of touch with how you *feel* — the very faculty you need to truly live ameaningful life (when we recall a favorite memory, it's how we "feel" that makes it special, not what we did).

As you consider the points above, I encourage you to take advantage of a little retreat wisdom this week. Make it a priority to complete the Take Action Challenge below. As a matter of fact, I'd schedule a "Life Assessment" date on your calendar every three months for the next year. That way you're sure to keep your eyes open, too!

Take Action Challenge

Take an hour or two this week and with journal or notebook in hand, answer the following questions:

* What am I tolerating?

* What's working in my life? (It's important to build on what works!)

* What's not working?

* What keeps driving me crazy?

* Is there an important relationship that's suffering?

* What's the first step I need to take to improve things?

With clarity comes the power to change your life. Once you identify one small thing that needs to change, take action immediately. The relief and energy you feel as a result will fuel your next step.

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lurkynat said...

yep it may be tempting to go on auto pilot but we can miss alot..even our kids' lives and our best freinds lives can be ablurr