Monday, October 10, 2005

Under The Tuscan Sun

Ending of Under the Tuscan Sun...on cable now...

"What is a house? It is the four walls which contain the dreamer."

Interesting to me since my folks just moved this weekend from the home they have been at for almost 28 yrs. I'll journal about it later....

"Unbelievable things can happen even late in the game."
Ok, how late in the game are we talking about here? :-) I really HOPE so!  

"They built the tracks even before there was train because they knew one day it would come."

Perhaps the idea is to just be able to go on a journey & not any particular destination?

The water finally flowing freely...

is that her spirit? :-)

Just something to think too much about!


dreamingbrwneyes said...

This is one of my favorite movies. There are so many great messages in it. You listed my two fav quotes from the movie. It really is a must see, especially for women.

lurkynat said...

nice comment

boiseladie said...

I love this movie!  And, I have a copy of it to watch whenever the mood strikes.  Good movie!