Monday, October 24, 2005

Parent's Myths!

Yep, I am just about to go change the battery on that annoying chirping fire alarm...shhh...don't tell Dr. Z. Yes, I'll be careful...wait where is that bubble wrap again? :-) Mental note for list of reason's having a guy around may be useful! Nope, not being sexist here, but hey if I'm going to look at a cute tushy on a ladder, then let me pick! ;-) 

AOL's Welcome page mentions some "myths" that our parents tried to get away with! Ha! 

First, those countless nights reading with a flashlight in bed when I was growing up and my mom yelling at me that I would ruin my eyes. HA! Actually, I have no clue what I was reading then? Probably school work knowing me.

Some opthalmologist & professor from NYU Medical Center, Robert Cykiert, says this is a bunch of rubbish basically! :-) Says it is just like sniffing hard to smell a weak odor! Yep, you better believe I emailed mom! HA! Don't worry I'm sure she'll email me next week with something back to get me...ball will be in her court! HA! Now he does say you might get tired eyes, which I suppose would give you eye strain & hmmm. :-)

The other one I found interesting was that apparently it doesn't matter if you go outside in the cold with wet hair. The next question is why would you really want to but...

Dr. Michelle Brenner is a pediatrician at MCG Children's Medical Center & says basically your hair can't let in germ cells! HA! Just some frozen stiff hair! Well, considering all the guys who run in the shower & then out the door to class or work it makes sense. Now frozen hair may be a good way to keep the style in place, until it starts warming up in class! HA! Lets see if the hair is frozen then what about the head/brain cells...hmmm! :-)

I think parents just make up all this stuff when you are kids just to "play with you" HA! Make them seem like they know lots of stuff & are wise! I will say my folks were pretty good.

I know it is hard explaining "why" to kids and it can make sense to have these myths from time to time. I still remember my dad running down the stairs so fast when I was little, because I screamed bloody murder. First time I saw my dad in his boxers! HA! You see my mother gerbil was eating her babies. Yep, we had a zoo even then...see it is my parents fault! Gerbils, rabbits, fish, birds, dogs...I think that is it? No wonder I have a zoo now. Ha! I remember my dad trying to delicately explain to me why this mother was doing this with this batch of babies. Yep, we had A LOT! I think he told me there must have been something wrong with the babies. I have no clue if that would be true, but sounds good to me still today...I mean is cannibalism in the DSM of Gerbil disorders & she should have been taken to therapy? Ha! Of course when grandma screamed bloody murder because she found a dead gerbil (adult)  in the laundry pile, dad & grandpa found it more humorous & were not so kind! HA!

Well, now I can atleast read in bed & not hear my mother's voice telling me I'll ruin my eyes! HA!


derasta said...

OMG that picture of the cat is so funny!

randlprysock said...

Love that cat!!  I would stay up for hours reading with a flashlight too! And it took me a few years to get over that one too.  Lol!  Now I gotta read the entry about buying boobies.  I'd be glad to donate mine to anyone who feels like they want a little more. He heh heh!!

lurkynat said...

very funny Deborah! I thought that those things were true too! You were least your mom didn't have to say"Dont light that thing the whole bed will burn ! ha!