Monday, October 17, 2005

Walker Repeated - I'm Ready for the Fight!

YAAA! They are going to repeat the Walker, Texas Ranger Special tonight at 1:37am! One of my students emailed me since I had mentioned it during our discussion on Types of Memory & the White Sox winning. My students are so thoughtful!

Yep! Unfortunately I'll be up burning the midnight oil putting together exams since our computer system & electricity was down this past weekend on campus. I'm also much slower due to whatever it is I'm fighting. 99 temp, just starting to hurt when I swallow & kinda starting to ache. That fuzzy sinus headache coming back a bit too, but today is nothing like yesterday. I just took some Tylenol hopefully that will help. Oh & I took some of that Airborne. Seemed to work last year. Also got some OJ with Vitamin C & Zinc. Chicken Soup was last night ha! My mommy trained me well I guess! HA!

Doesn't help that when I went to WalMart to get some more Tylenol this couple & their adorable 7 mo old  baby girl are in the aisle. They really didn't know what to get for her flu symptoms. Not a parent but occasionally I play one via auntie & professor of developmental psychology. I discussed a few things with them. Asked if the child had a high! Ugh! Suggested they ask their pediatrician since small fevers are good to fight the nasty cells & babies actually do get high fevers & can handle them more than us...not the 104/105 but 102 etc. Mentioned to really be concerned on her getting dehydrated & talked about Pedialyte etc. Heck, last fall was the first time I had actually tried Gatorade. Surgery had played havic on my system. Orange wasn't too bad. So after this bit of conversation they tell me that good ole dad, who has been standing next to me all this time, just got over the flu...I backed up a bit smiling but not too happy inside. Then mom says, I think I'm getting it now too. Not to mention baby is out traveling for this. UGH!!! Why didn't dad just go if he is feeling better or get someone else to run to the store! See this is what was great about family living nearby, though if I'm really sick my family will even make the trek & help me out.

Well, I may have something already anyway & quite frankly my students havebeen passing it around lately. I think it was only a matter of time since my system is not as strong lately with this bum of a foot...oooh shhhh have to talk nice about the foot or it might get mad! ;-) Just that I certainly haven't been hiking & biking & I'm not as great as I was in the past, so I can understand my body saying "I can't change the laws of physics!", "I've giv'n her all she's got Captain, an' I canna give her no more!" :-) Watching Walker always gets the fighting spirit in me going! A good kind! :-)

I will comment on what I saw last night though. It seems a bit scattered. Too many story lines in the show. Seemed they were trying to do a bit of CSI in there. I also wonder what is up with Trivette not being in the special...Hmmm? Ok, well back to work!

Update: student gave me EST! So I missed it again. Last I saw Sunday night was Jeremy getting away from his dad's boss & Walker taking out another one of the bad guys but the head one apparently got away. I did see on the web that apparently Alex gets shot in the heart - Cliff Hanger! If you saw inbetween this can you fill me in PLEASE!!!!


octoberroots said...

You know,  my grandmother religiously watches Walker Texas Ranger.  I myself have never been able to get into it.  

As for the Sox.  

I've never liked sports either.  

You must be asking yourself why I am even commenting then.  Well,  the truth is I wanted you to know I'm still reading this thing.  LOL.

And lastly:

The Happy Bunny Rules All.


lurkynat said...

Awww Im sorry Deborah that happens to me once ina while too
well youre not getting sick are you? hugs