Wednesday, October 5, 2005

My New Addiction!

Ok, I'm addicted! Ha! I usually don't watch too much TV but I've gotten addicted quickly to Boston Legal! I just started to watch with the Heather Locklear Black Widow episode! I've never been a James Spader fan but he isn't too bad.Shatner is a nightmare! Man! I'm sure he'd do great for a remake of Grumpy Old Men later! HA!

I'm also really getting into Commander In Chief! We'll have to see how it goes, but hey anyone intelligent in office is refreshing! HA!

I started a journal on each of these if anyone watching wants to join in! :-)


yankeygr said...

I've been totally addicted to Commander in Chief since the first time I watched it! Its an awesome program. I highly recommend it to everybody.

lurkynat said...

when is commander in cheif on again? and whhc network? I tried but missed it this week
cheers, natalie

dbp2000 said...

I have been hooked on Boston Legal since my son introduced it to me last season.  I have never cared for James Spader or William Shatner so I was certain I would not enjoy this show but I was sooooo wrong.  Shatner is a hoot and a half.  Listen for his little throw away lines to the reporters anytime they are in the scenes.  "I'm coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Denny Crane."  He has never lost a case but they have laid the groundwork that he has the early signs of Altzheimers. He refers to it on occasion as Mad Cow Disease.  He loves to say his own name and gets the hots when Candace Bergen says his name.  It is very eccentric and funny once you realize what is happening.  Okay ... enough about that.  You'd think I was getting royalties!  LOL