Tuesday, October 25, 2005

7 Attractive Traits

Loved this from "I Shaved My Legs for This?! Check out her replies. Can't let this go by without exploring this myself.

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:

Not in any particular order & just what the brain is thinking about now. I reserve my right to vlaue more than 7 & that something I may think of later (or be reminded of) may actually bump one of these. Quite frankly, I think all are equally necessary!

1. Eyes:

I know that sounds lame but similar to Dem's response about "heart in their eyes", I've always said to friends it is "Smiling with your eyes". It is that sparkle that the guys spirit just SHINES! They are ALIVE & VIBRANT & not just the couch potato but EMBRAC
ING LIFE or PASSIONATE (in everything!) and going out & trying to live life to the fullest & trying to make the world a better place. Boy, that is a lot to see in someone's eyes...HA! But when it is there, you can definitely tell. Unfortunately, I don't see it a whole lot. It has to be natural too...not just the "Showing how great I am in front of the chick" idea!

2. Courage:

Now I'm not talking about physically strong here, this is not necessary to be courageous. I'm talking about someone who does not keep quiet when injustice is being done! This is something I can't stand & many who know me know I can't keep my mouth shut to this. Someone who is not afraid to "make waves" if need be. There are so many who have told me they have learned to put their head in the sand, "Why bother, nothing will be done", "It won't make a difference", "You are just wasting your time" ETC!!!!! UGH!!!!!! To me the spirit is lost then. I hope to God I will not be like this later in life. I hope I am that fiesty old lady who is still voicing my opinion! I am soooo attracted to someone like this! Someone who again wants to make a difference & knows they are here on this planet for a reason & that is not just to take up space!

3. Jeans & Mustaches! 

A bit of fluff perhaps after some deep stuff...Yes, I agree with Dem...looking great in jeans (even Black ones!)  is something I can't help but notice! I like hamstrings! ;-) I'd also have to say I do have a weakness for mustaches & some beards. Tom Selleck mustache! ;-) I always thought I was more attracted to blonde haired guys but every guy I dated or ended up liking was dark haired...hmmm?

4. Confidence Yet Comfortable...Not Intimidated!

This is a bit different than the courage one! Like Dem I like a man who can hold an awesome conversation. This means not just talking about him or sports (all the time) but asking me about my life & being genuinely interested. A man who is also not intimidated by my brain! I'm not rocket scientist so I never get why someone would be intimidated by me, but it is amazing how many guys shut up when they learn I have an advanced degree. While I worked hard to earn this & I do have some intelligence, I'm not perfect or better than anyone. I have my own difficulties in life & insecurities. I'm just like anyone else on this planet. I don't get the idea of not feeling "good enough" or "worthy of the person". To me you are not if you don't think you are, though I will say there is an element of how the other person makes you feel. If they make you feel this way all the time then get rid of them, they are not right for you! They should want you in their life. They should be proud & honored to have you in their life. They should want to give to you. They should want to receive from you. A man who can understand this & get to the core of me, "the real me" that is what I want. A man who will also understand it is about each of you helping the other to feel comfortable with each other & safe to open up to each other & give your heart, even if it means risking it getting hurt. 

5. Affectionate:

I love expressing how much I love a person. This can be done is MANY ways. The simple message on the mirror, the steering wheel or their voicemail. How you look at the person across the crowded table of family or friends when it isn't expected. Holding hands in public or under the table. I love to see elderly couples still being affectionate! That is the idea!

6. Caring & Loyalty:

This can be expressed in many ways not just the most obvious! Perhaps it is the idea of not taking one for granted and also doing things for them because you want to. Taking out the trash even though he always does it. Doing the laundry when perhaps she does it? Not meaning to be stereotypical here, just trying to get the point across. Filling your mates gas tank (a major demonstration of love today! Ha!), getting their car washed, protecting them from danger (many ideas here!), perhaps looking out for your mate such as making sure they get sleep & eat right, get the very much needed massage or back scratch! ;-)

7. Fun & Humor:

I know I said all equally valued, but man if this is not ther I don't know if you will survive! Much of life really needs to have fun & humor to balance it. I love a man who can make me have more fun & make me laugh. I probably don't have enough myself but once I get going & I'm in the safe presence of someone who values it, watch out! My spirit will really come out then. Life has tragedies & some very hard things to deal with in the world but it is the humor which will heal & make life's struggles not so difficult to handle. I often wonder what it would be like to be married to Robin Williams! :-) He has to be a hoot! HA! I want someone who values purposely making time for fun & laughter. Someone who will make sure to do this with children! Is this a man who still has a little boy in him? Hmmm?  I don't want everything in life to be a big joke, because you have to be serious at times, but too many times it is the opposite.  

Ok, I think that is it? Oh wait...hmmm, has to love Children & Animals & not smoke! HA! 

Still thinking....


randlprysock said...

Jeans!! Muscles!!  Yep!!  Hugs,

lurkynat said...

hey..I would start with courage loyalty and devotion love,natalie

demandnlilchit said...

most excellent choices! lol Ü