Sunday, October 16, 2005

Preempting Walker....I Want Heads!

Someone is going to pay! They interrupt Walker, Texas Ranger's Special just because the Sox won! It isn't like it is the Cubs! HA! I luckily I saw that the Special was on (I've previously journals that I am addicted to Walker!) & they have to do this live...does it matter if you show it after Walker is over? It was right at the end!!!! UGH!

And like Jeff Foxworthy always says about the South that when there is a tragedy they put the most ignorant people on tv to interview...they pick the worst people to represent Chicago! These people act like they did all the work that the Sox players did. These also were the same drunk people who in previous years would bad mouth the Sox...what is the deal with that! Good for Ken Williams stating that these people love the Sox because they are going to the World Series...yes...if they had lost this man you know what would be happening instead. NO, not everyone but certainly many who just don't think...ooohhh man thinking for shame! :-) He is not a bad looking guy...great smile! :-) Sorry, just a side observation! Ha!

Like I need someone to tell me "I've never experienced anything like this before." Well DUH!!!...been awhile since they have been in the World Series. I need someone to tell me they have added police presence....gee I really hope so! In fact, I think we should be giving them extra bonuses! Well, at least they will also have some great laughs later to relieve their stress, talking about how stupid people can really be. Don't get me wrong, stupid people can hurt themselves, others & the officers, but hopefully it won't go that far. Many of us have seen what drunk people do with a microphone in front of them at weddings & we need to do this here! HA! Right! Love these people who claim they are White Sox fans but say, "I never thought I'd see this in my whole life" and they are like 18 yrs old...well that is a good reason to be a fan...because you think they are such a great team! HA! You'd think they would be confident they would get here..."I always knew they would." Oh good lord! Some announcer just compared this to the glass slipper fitting! Please don't ruin a totally unrealistic fairy tale. This is all us women have left! HA!

I'm certainly not saying I'm not happy for the Sox, but if people have waited since 1959 they can wait 10 more minutes for Walker to be over! :-) And quite frankly, being a Cubs fan...I'm sure the same thing would happen if we had the Cubs winning. HA! You don't see these announcers at some lovely expensive restaurant do you? How about a nice cross section of Chicago at least!

I bet you I will have students tomorrow saying they couldn't make it to class because they were celebrating tonight, even they were not a Sox fan! HA! What is the phrase..."Any excuse to party!" I remember when the Bears won the Superbowl when I was in college with the largest victory up to that point. HA! Ahhh memories! I vaguely remember champagne bottles up in the ceiling tiles!  Good win today too!

And Reinsdorf..ugh! Chicago just can't shake him! He'll blame everyone but himself if they lose & then talk like it is all due to himself when they win. Classic Fundamental Attribution Error! I'll have to use that in class! Ha! And ya, lets promote smoking & joke about 2nd hand smoke Jerry! 

Now, if the Sox did by chance go up against the Cards (not looking good), it would be very interesting in the family! We have some big rivalry. People who head to St. Louis for games! Actually, I'd like to see it happen! :-)

Apparently, it is raining in Chicago now & the Weather Channel Desktop has not a cloud in the sky! UGH! I wonder how many employees will not go in tomorrow? I say that though hoping I make it tomorrow. I think I'm starting something??? Came home last night with my little niece from the Wynonna Concert (yep, I'll journal on it later!) and seemed a bit nasally...ugh head feels Fuzzy (as Megan Ryan said in You Got Mail!) UGH! Bit better that this afternoon but if I tell you I just had Chicken Soup & I rarely eat soup (high sodium)...that should tell you something! Exam week so it will really take a lot for me not to go in tomorrow though.

Oh God, now an Illusory Correlation...I'm loving this! Great examples for class! Some 16 year old kid says he is the good luck charm due to the wins from him attending! HA! Bars open all night long...GREAT!  UGH! Here we go...all week party!!! :-)

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lurkynat said...

Dear Deboarh,
oh dear...boohooo
Actually Im realyl sorry that they interrupted your program ! I thought you would have put upa  picture of him and told us more about the show...sorry friend:(
Irresponsible journalist? reminds meof The Anchorman..ever see it?
love and hugs natalie