Saturday, October 8, 2005

Marshall Oprah!

Oprah has "had enough!" She apparently has decided to take matters into her own hands and get the "bad boys" off the streets!" Watch out John Walsh! Actually, I'm sure he would love the help! Check out Oprah's Message & site. You'll find a list of sexual predators featured & then a site on how to keep kids safe. Two have been caught already. Considering Oprah's background it makes sense this would be something her heart would want to be involved in. She is offering $100,000 reward. That is a wonderful way to use your gift of money God gave to you. We need more wealthy people or companies to step up to the plate & get involved & contribute a bit to this cause. I know many causes, but fine pick one & get out there with full force! I mean really, it would help their images as well as the cause, so everyone wins!

Check out the predator profiles! Lets see if we can get a few more off the streets & save some children!! Remember, it is amazing how you may not even know they are your neighbor! One woman was actually helping out one featured. He was a neighbor who broke his leg. S
he was doing his laundry & making his meals just to be kind. A friend alerted her. What an incredible way for all of us to make a difference in someone's life!


derasta said...

Thanks for that info, I'm going to check it out now

nhd106 said...

Excellent.   I've had "enough" too.   Thanks...  Nancy

lurkynat said...

wow amazing I miss John Walsh's morning show..
Whata tough job for Oprah!