Thursday, October 27, 2005

John Grey

AOL has a link to John Grey's advice on love. This is the guy who wrote "Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus." Now, first I must mention "Dr." Grey received his degree from one of those degree mills which actually lost their accreditation. Many do not know this, but we discuss this at the psych conferences.

I did listen to the "Scoring Points" video clip. It was ok. It does time in a bit with what Dr. Deborah Tannen's research states. Dr. Tannen is a professor at Georgetown & an expert in gender linguistics. I am actually going to be showing her video "He Said/She Said" in my courses next week. This is the video all my students want to purchase & have their mates watch! HA! It was interesting on how Dr. Grey stated if a female likes a movie they will take credit for writing it etc! HA! Dr. Tannen mentions how men do like to be competitive (this is overall, not all men) & they will constantly try to top each other. This does then fall in lines with this idea.

Now ladies, Dr. Grey says on his other video clip that women will give men the same amount of points for 24 roses or 1 rose. So he says do you want to give 24 for 1 rose or give 24 roses as different times. Well, ok that example isn't too bad with me, but I don't think I would give the same amount of points for 1 rose as say doing the dishes for me or giving me an unexpected massage or a surprise trip etc! Now, if they do that just once in 20 yrs with now little things in between well that doesn't make up for everything but certainly that would wow me more! I would think for guys there would be some things that mean much more to them also than others?

What do you all think?

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lurkynat said...

I got what I thought about Grey from his books Deborah ..did you ever read them?