Sunday, October 9, 2005

Chuck Norris - What a Sweetie!

My Fall 2005 A&E Biographymagazine came in the mail & it  has an interview with Chuck Norris since he was profiled on A&E Friday.  (They still have the Summer issue on their website, so I'll try to update this with links when they get the Fall one up.) Well, I knew there was a real good reason I was addicted to his show! HA!

First he talks about how he was actually shy & bullied as a kid & then went on to be 6 time World Karate Champ. Very interessting! I love how the human spirit can find the strength within. It always makes me wonder why some can find that strength & others can't. What are the conditions which allow for it? He also talks about how no one believed in him when he first started doing movies & he just had to believe in himself. That is the strong spirit I love in men! Men who are not afraid to take chances in life, especially love. I think in a past journal I was trying to think of who said something like "being willing to be a fool for love." Last night I saw the movie that had it. It actually was "Three Men & a Little Lady." I wouldn't of guessed that & quite frankly may be in some other movies, but it was in this one. TNT had a marathon..."Baby Boom" was on after that! HA! So strong enough to be viewed by others as being a fool & you do not care one bit! :-) It is like you don't feel like a fool because of the strength. You know why you are doing it & it is right!

Quite frankly I love this strength  in anyone! I love being around strong spirits...either if I'm not particular strong at the time they will help, or when I are strong they just are great people to be with & have tons of fun. This doesn't mean I only want to be around strong spirits but just that they intrigue me & help me & amaze me! :-) I'm  not always strong myself so I would not suggest I expect that in others all the time. In fact, that is a good measure of strength. Some people only want to be around you when you are strong. A strong person will be with you at all times! 

I knew there was something more about Chuck Norris but I just didn't know what exactly until I read the end of this interview!!! MAN! He talks about being single for 12 years, doing the fast paced life (ah ha!) and he didn't feel it was a "constructive life." He said his friend realized he had a BIG HOLE in his heart and wanted him to meet someone. One night the was out with a bunch of his friends & family & didn't know his friend invited her. He said he just stared at her because he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. (More recent photo below) She is certainly not a dog! Ha! I can see some woman might not be able to compete with her Man...but that is really in the eye of the beholder I suppose. I know it certainly is for men for me. Some of my friends are just "you have to be kidding?" and I'm melting! HA!

Well, he says she was a spiritual woman & got him to be also. Hmmm. Ok, ready for the "ahhhhh" part?  :-) He says age is a state of mind & if you think you are old you are! not the ahhh yet! :-) He says he is 39 with 25 yrs of experience & that he works out so hard to stay in shape because he intends to celebrate his 50th Anniversary with his wife....he will be 108 yrs old! Ok now you can "Ahhhh" :-) Lets see if I did find someone in the next few years that is my 90s so hmmmm! ;-)  Isn't he sweet! I remember talking to someone I know who is in his 50s & he told me he goes on a date every Friday with his wife! :-) I tell you these "tough guys" can be so sweet! :-)

P.S. One other thing I like...his son's name is Dakota! :-)


globetrotter2u said...

I agree that some of the most macho guys in the world are real softies when it comes to love. That's a very endearing thing for women to see. I just saw a movie similar to what you looked at called "Always, Love" with Hugh Grant. Same sort of scenario with guys willing to risk anything to follow their hearts. Ohmagawd did I cry my eyes out! Even though it was a freakin' comedy! Chuck Norris is a real hero to me also, because all 4 of the men in my life (Husband, 3 sons) followed the martial arts and developed the confidence to simply be themselves, which is bravery in and of itself in these weird times that we live in.
Thanks for this entry.

lurkynat said...

yeah Chuck Norris is amazing!

randlprysock said...

I love this entry!!  Me too, like the name Dakota.  Yes, Chuck is a Christian and awesome dude with a very strong spirit.  He has been on tbn channel a few times and is always sharing his testimony and helping youth around our country.  After that I immediately enrolled my son in karate.  It was good for him.  Helped him concentrate.  He also learned some life saving techniques.  Hugs,