Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wyatt Webb Today!

Wyatt Webb, author of "It's Not About The Horse"  is broadcasting now on "Overcoming Fear & Self Doubt" based on his book "Five Steps of Overcoming Fear & Self Doubt".  It is an encore & should be on an archive on the site. You can register for free! I've read his book & met him & he is a really cool dude!

My Notes from the Broadcast: (missed first 10 min!)

1. Acknowledge you are afraid

2. How Afraid Am I? (Tell the truth since you are encouraged to minimize usually!)

3. What is the worst possible thing that could happen & it does not have to be rational.

4. Gather information & support on how to avoid the worst case this point most fear leaves you or it will be at less than 1/4.

5. Celebrate what you just did and then realize the fear is not real but it is a perception.

From Callers:

* Cut yourself some slack!

* Ask I want to stay afraid?

* Law on Money & have to give it to get it!

* Choosing a Gratitude Perspective is your choice! Per a women who called with her husband out of work for a can choose to fight about financial problems or call your husband a hero for his efforts. Of course as you spouse feels you believe in them then they will certainly feel more confident & do more. Love is what will get your through it!

I really like these ideas & do agree with these steps! Probably need to do it more myself a bit! Ha! I don't have fear too often, but I think lately with the foot injury I have a bit more self-doubt. Well, I made decisions on doctors, you trust them & they just did me wrong. So I guess you start to doubt the decisions you are making then, but I did make the decision with the final doctor so...and of course the less you are able to do, due to physical limitations, the less you feel you can do. Just have to get back going again. It is still inside me & man the ROAR that will come out! HA!

Check out the archived shows! You'll have to register but it is FREE!

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