Monday, September 12, 2005

Anderson Cooper

Take a look at this interesting article on Anderson Cooper:

"An Anchor Who Reports Disaster News With a Heart on His Sleeve" by Elizabeth Jensen in today's NY Times (Registering is FREE) Here is an interesting quote:

Mr. Cooper's Sept. 1 interview with Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, marked a turning point in the tone of hurricane coverage as he snapped when she began thanking federal officials for their recovery efforts.

"Excuse me, Senator, I'm sorry for interrupting," Mr. Cooper interjected. "I haven't heard that, because, for the last four days, I've been seeing dead bodies in the streets here in Mississippi. And to listen to politicians thanking each other and complimenting each other, you know, I got to tell you, there are a lot of people here who are very upset, and very angry, and very frustrated.

"And when they hear politicians slap - you know, thanking one another, it just, you know, it kind of cuts them the wrong way right now, because literally there was a body on the streets of this town yesterday being eaten by rats because this woman had been laying in the street for 48 hours."

You know, when the man smiles he is quite attractive...he just doesn't smile enough!

What do you all think?


lurkynat said...

Yeah Cooper is awesome (dreamy look) a definate cool character who does a great job

jtuwliens said...

Love the guy!

dreamingbrwneyes said...

Thank You for leaving your link. I'm enjoying what I see here...

octoberroots said...

I'm glad someone had the balls to say a senator no less!  Rock on!  Dude has my vote!


knightbek said...

I enjoyed watching Anderson Cooper back when he would occasionally anchor ABC's overnight "World News Now."  He offers an uncommon style among television's many on-camera talents.  I certainly don't object to a reporter dressing down a senator or any politician for that matter when it comes to the way they pat each other on the back and the like.  Unfortunately, I'm not all that quick to cheer about it.  Politicians make a living handing out these scripted phrases commending and bashing their peers and/or the current topic of the day headlining the news cycle.  Why must it take a disaster like Katrina to make these reporters confront the members of our government for falling back on these scripted sound bites meant to improve only their place in the polls?  Just last night, I saw a gubernatorial ad in which a candidate said he would emphasize "learning" within Virginia's schools.  Emphasize learning?  I wasn't aware of a candidate that openly opposed learning in schools.  When we see reporters confronting people about *all* these absurd political one-liners, then I'll cheer.

Bill, the Wildcat

erarein63 said...

Well....I don't think the recovery effort was hampered by the federal government (but of course everyone is saying so), but the locals who were fighting over who was going to be in control.  If anything, everyone's backslapping (if they feel it is necessary) should be to the media for bringing it to the attention of the federal government that they just needed to move on in and take charge when the obvious inept local government couldn't make any decisions.  But I do appreciate the fact that Anderson Cooper didn't just kiss a** like most in the media are guilty of.

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