Thursday, September 1, 2005


You know....this just might be the great time to go through closets...old clothes you don't fit in, has that spot you never could get out, things you have not worn for DECADES, towels that have worn & torn...that downsizing or ULTIMATE spring cleaning you have been meaning to do....NOW IS THE TIME!     FALL CLEANING!

Also dear to my heart of course are the pets! I never died when I heard a women on video say he hoped her cat was ok...I'm like "you didn't take it with you????!!!!" 

North Shore Animal League & the Humane Society probably could use food & supplies as well! I think Country could lose a few pounds to give to a fellow furry friend! Ha! For that
matter so could I! HA!

I'm thinking of this weekend..."LABOR DAY!" Hard to fire up the grill and have fun when you know the labor they will be doing all weekend! Perhaps a good symbol would be to donate a days worth salary to represent Monday's day off (well for some of us!)   Here is a list I found:

My mother will be sooooo happy! I'll be donating my black winter coat later...well it does get cool in the south! They had an ice storm when I was down in MS! The heat could not keep up! I had my electric blanket on, sitting on a heating pad & got up to answer the you know my long haired cat Dusty STOLE my spot on the heating pad! Ha! We'll see this year how badtheir winter ends up...but I've had the thing since 1987! NO LIE! It is a long one with a huge hood & just a bit worn on cuffs. I had it for Chicago wind when I was in graduate school downtown! My mom just told me last week (prior to the Hurricane) that she would get me a cup...I was like mom has lost it again...I had no clue! She said so I can hold it for donations while I wear the coat! She is so mean to me I swear! Well, it has officially served me well & I WILL find a new one this year now! Hey, that is just me....I have to find a "good one" but when I do, I keep it! :-) (Ya, you can read more in to that then coats! Ha!)

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lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
You're in fine spirits this Fall! Have agreat weekend!