Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Looting or Surviving?

Patrick brought up a really good point of how we define "looters" vs "surviving" in his recent entry "Bold Move." I want to offer you two pieces here. First, I received this link from a colleague who is actually an officer himself. It is very interesting to see how the media defines behavior. I think you will find the write up quite interesting! What do you all think?

Also, this piece "I Am A Homeless Man" from Rodger Kamenetz, a professor from Lousiana State University is quite interesting from many different angles. I think he defines looting a bit different! :-) 


pattboy92 said...

Two interesting posts.  The first one, about the photographs, still doesn't explain HOW those two photographs came to be captioned the way they were, but it does suggest several possibilities.  Unfortunately, racism is ONE of those possibilities, and for some, the ONLY one they're willing to consider.

The second article is definitely heartbreaking.  I couldn't imagine going through something like that.


lurkynat said...

Ver y interesting if not very different posts; one showing how unconventional heroes are refreshing (move over Robin Hood!)..and another how important and delicate our conenctions to loved ones are..

chevy1552 said...

But for some reason, people WANT to believe that there was intent in the wording.  Like they are looking for a reason to cry foul.  Two pictures, taken and captioned by two different people who have two different personalities.  Now, if they want to find fault, they should instead look at other images published *by the same news agency*.  Is there a discrepancy there?  If so, then yes, make it an issue.  But until then, people can't cry foul when they don't know the answer.  Most people do not go through life looking for ways to offend people.

ondinemonet said...

In the words of the president..."there should be zero tolorance in regards to the looting in La." Forget justice or is that justice...hmm...gee...I forget???

Always, Carly