Sunday, September 18, 2005

Easter In OCT!!! Ugh!

Ok, this is just getting out of hand! I think it all started with Christmas in July! Yesterday, I headed to the mall, yep I tried slowly, to get my friend a VERY belated b-day present from The Body Shop, one of my favorite stores, and a gift card for a party! Noone could for me so....Hey they have new single finger massagers (Check them out!). They are awesome! BTW...they are collecting for Katrina Victims via Habitat for Humanity & our store was taking old cell phones for them also.

So after I purchase my items, I went to get some pumpkin hand soup from Bath & Body Works. You know what they tell me. "We are all out & we will not be getting more in. All the stores are out! Monday we will have our Christmas line & when that is gone that will be it!" The sales woman also thought it was just craziness! What is going on with these marketing people? If the stores can't keep it in stock, then obviously this is an excellent sales item! This is not new! They have previous years sales charts to look at to prepare to have more in stores not less! I know gas prices are bad but man! Not only is pumpkin great for Halloween but Thanksgiving soooo! Ugh! I can see close to the end of October it being out, but we are only in the middle of September!

I go onto their website, which btw is advertising to have your Perfect Autumn...ya right they don't have autumn products so how am I suppose to. You also can't order anything online & to contact them, it has to be by phone or snail mail! Ugh! This company needs to get with the program! What century are they in. I guess I'll be calling tomorrow. is still down making changes. Does anyone know of another site like this one?

Ok, so if they haveChristmas in September it will probably be gone by mid to late October...then will they have Easter come out? *Shaking Head*

So today when I turn on the AOL what do I find on my AOL Radio listing? Halloween! I know here I have a choice but...Man, no wonder we are sick of the holiday when it finally gets here! BTW...what happened to my favorites being listed? They now have AOL Recommends! I had to reset my favorites this morning! Ugh! And only 5 I can have ugh! Maybe I am just the weird one with a very ecclectic taste in music?! ;-)

YES...major RANT but you know this doesn't take too much intelligence to figure out! I know they are all trying to beat the other out on holiday shopping & it may actually be good for shoppers. We probably will have to shop earlier to spread out spending with the gas prices being what they are but still... Actually, I added an item on my list! HA!  I had to go to Build-A-Bear for a gift card & I found a bear I want! :-) Cute light purple one! My favorite color! So relaxing & serene! BTW there are some great WWF ones where they donate $1 to the organization! I have the tiger! It roars...I think that was why! Ha!

Well, I know on the grand scheme of global things, Katrina, War etc this may be thought of as frivilous or whining. I'm lucky I have food and some people are lucky just to have soap in 1 scent. Do we need all these selections...Starbucks ETC!  Ya well I'm happy about that of course, but that doesn't mean this type of stuff doesn't matter and should just continue! Kinda like the people who say, "At least you got a guy" when they are just horrible. (YES, just pick your mate you want! Don't mean to be bias here!) If you are going to provide a service then do it well, learn from your past or don't offer the service! Yep, that can go for relationships too! Ha!

Well, if anyone finds Pumpkin handsoap or candles, email me!

P.S. Not to mention Bath & Body Works has been threatening for years to get rid of Plumera (my favorite!) despite the fact that it is extremely popular! What is up with that too!

P.S.S. And Moonflower at Bath & Body...finally they brought that back more! My favorite there!


jmorancoyle said...

     I bought pumpkin scented candles at Target this afternoon. I don't know about the handsoap. I wasn't looking for any.

lurkynat said...

what about that bed and Bath place?