Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday Six

Here you go Patrick...

1. You find out that you have to appear on a daytime talk show.  It doesn't matter whose show you choose, but you must appear on one.  Which show would you pick and why?

Probably Oprah! I do like her...lets just hope it is for her to tell me her Angel Network is going to give me some money to start one of my bright ideas! Ha!

2. Have you ever joined an online dating or penpal site?  If so, have you kept in touch with anyone that you met there; if not, have you ever thought about joining up?


3. Who was the last person you promised you'd keep in touch with following a move or job change?  Have you kept in touch?

My bestest friend! :-) Oh Ya! Whether she likes it or not!

4. Take this quiz:  What pizza best describes your personality?

Pesto Pizza

Adventurous and hedonistic.
You live for new experiences and tastes
And you're not the type to have your pizza the same way twice
If they can put it on pizza, you're up for trying it!

Ha! Does that go with my Sexy Pistachio from last week! HA! Not sure if I am that adventurous with pizza...there are certain things I like, some things I definitely don't like & some things I'd probably try! I do LOVE PESTO though! :-)

5. You're having dinner with friends at a restaurant.  Besides the company, what is the most important part of the meal:  the appetizer, the drinks, the salad, the entree, or the dessert?

Well, I don't always get appetizers all the time, just depends on what they have. O'Charley's has an awesome shrimp cheese dip that is alway a must though! What happened to soup? I mean if I'm at Houlihans then the Potato ("e" if you are Dan Quayle!) is the main course sometimes, if not before the entree. They have THE BEST potato soup! Now, I'm probably trying to read more into this than is meant, but I'm thinking about who is my company? I mean depending on if it is friends or a date or "the folks/family" it makes a difference don't you think? I mean, I may need a lot of alcohol if it is the family! Ha! Then again...I'm barred (sorry about the pun) by my friends from the Mega Pina Colada at Ruby's! Ha! At least before my meal gets there! Waaayyyy too good! I have no tolerance anymore! Now there is a question for everyone...what kind of dressing for your salad (if any). I think that can tell alot about a person! Of course dessert can also! :-) I don't think I can pick dessert either because most of the time I don't even get to order more room! So I guess it will have to be the entree, but that all depends on where I eat also! :-) Am I not answering this question? Ha! I think the entree is really when you have the most communication. At the begining all the nice greetings & how you doing. After you get drinks & get to dessert things may be going bad by then! HA! So the middle is probably the best time. And if things go really may not stay for dessert! :-)

6. Have you ever submitted a Reader's Choice question to the "Saturday Six?"  If so, did the answers surprise you?  If not, why haven't you?

Oh ya! Last week's nut question! Ha! It surprised me when someone said they didn't get it! Ha! I wonder if they get the pizza one this week now? I like the nut one! There are so many varieties & what people relate to! It is kinda like what kind of pets you have. Has anyone ever seen those commercials/pix with the dogs that look just like the supposed owners? They are awesome! I think it really surprised me when I also tried the nut test someone linked & it turned out the same as what I picked! Ha!


artloner said...

I'd like to see the one that matches the dogs with their owner's looks...LOL.  My vet used to tell me that my buff-colored cocker and I looked just alike.


lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
nice entry! thank you.