Saturday, September 17, 2005

Movie Night!

Well, tonight was movie night with one of my friends. The last 3 Friday nights we have been getting together for dinner & movies! It has been great fun. Tonight dinner in her hometown's little diner & then "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", which she had not seen & then "Frida", which I had not seen.

It was great to have some laughter with My Big Fat Greek Wedding & her son is getting married, so it was something she could relate to as far as family involved. "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin has been on lately too, though I like the Spencer Tracy version more.


Frida blew my mind! It was AWESOME! Have any of your seen it? Like it?

Man! The woman was just amazing! She went through so much in her life & suffered so much, yet never gave up AND I just loved her PASSION! ;-) She was such a free spirit and loved so much. Her later work was very interesting. I like how her husband Diego explains her art at the end of the movie at her exhibit. I do like her later work but her earlier work is sooo beautiful.

I wasn't really into art that much when I was younger & now I can't get enough. A few years ago I was in Chicago for a Psychology Conference & I decided to head to the Art Museum for the Rembrandt Exhibit (Take a look!) What an amazing time! I got there & all the tickets were sold out. I was sooo disappointed. The gentleman invited me to come later the next week, the final week. I told him I would not be in the area & he asked if I was alone. When I said I was, he gave me a donated ticket from a member of the museum. This member ticket also got me discounts on other things, including the audio tour. Let me tell you if you ever think you don't need to "waste money" on the audio tour, you would be TOTALLY WRONG! I will never go without it now! I would have never picked up on many of the items in the paintings if it wasn't pointed out & they give you so much information on their life etc. I had soooo much fun & hmmm it was like my soul/spirit was just soaking it in! I was smiling ear to ear the whole time! Like seeing something you have never seen before for the first time! Now I just want to learn more & more about art.

I really loved these sculptures of angels. I'll have to find them online. Can't remember the artist. I remember there was this older guard who was walking around & you couldn't use a flash with your camera. Mine didn't have an option. I wanted to get some pictures of some pigeons which were perched outside the windows but made a cool view with the artwork. He came by and said, "I'm suppose to tell you not to use a flash....I'll be over there in a few minutes though!" HA! :-) So sweet! I'll have to look for those photos!

Last summer I wanted to see the Seurat Exhibit on the Making of La Grande Jatte (Check it out!) so I took my sister & little niece. Again, I learned so much! It was AWESOME! Actually, the whole day was great. We got there & there was a parade, so my niece got to watch a bit. Then when we went into the art museum my niece went running to a painting & pointed to it & my sister told her that it was a Picasso & my 7 yr old niece corrected her & said, "No! It is PABLO Picasso!" My sister & I just looked at each other! Ha! At least she is learning something in school! She does love music, dance & art so I'm not surprised she would grab it. She is the one who got my mom & me into Andre Boccelli when she was not even 2! When he was on tv I could snap my fingers right in front of her eyes & no blink! I'd be feeding her in the high chair & when my folks CD changer would get to the first notes of Bocelli I'd be feeding her cheek because she would turn to listen! HA!

The end of the day included her splashing & playing for over an hour at the new Crown Fountain on Michigan Ave! It is soooo AWESOME! The images move & the faces pucker up & water comes through the image's mouth! Just sooo much fun! I'll tell you there is soooo much positive energy in the spot! People just going by get sucked into it. You watch the children & then the parents &grandparents...yep aunts too...spirit's smile! Didn't get to take my niece this summer with the foot but I'll have to make it a point to next summer! Heck I'm going to play next time!

Well, check out the following for some pictures & references on Frida & see the movie if you haven't! :-)


Video Footage & photos

Frida Kahlo

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PBS: Life & Times of Frida Kahlo

Frida Photo Slideshow

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lurkynat said...

dearest Deborah,
I'm glad you enjoyed the movies and in particular Freida so much! I thinkof her as having overcoem teh idea that someone who is ill can paint and be artistic!
But I've alwasy heard how terribly depressing ehr aciident and surgeries are so now youare making me wonder if that is so! thanks! intrigung..
hugs nat

judithheartsong said...

great post. Frida, the movie was a piece of living art.... very nicely done. So glad you are getting into the arts. Check out Audrey Flack. judi

jmorancoyle said...

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding is really funny. And I love Chicago. Becky and I went to the Art Institute this summer to see the LeTrec exhibit. When she's off this winter, we plan to take in a Shakespeare production at Navy Pier.

sierrajazz said...

Thank you for all the information you shared here.  I have not seen the movie Frida but am definitely interested in seeing it.  I have never had much interest in art when I was younger, but these journals especially JudithHeartSongs have opened my eyes I am discovering all the beauty out there. There are so many exhibits and museums I now want to visit.  I will add Chicago Art Museum to my list. Glad you had a great time and enjoyed.  Your niece sounds like she will be a true lover of art and music.