Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday Seven

Well Patrick started Sunday Seven  last week & I guess I just wasn't into it. This one is totally goofy & I guess I need some "goofy" right now! Ha! So here you go Patrick!
Television lost an icon this past week with the passing of Bob Denver.  Denver, 70, died in North Carolina following complications of cancer treatment.  His co-stars describe him as a gentle intellect off-camera, but on the small screen he will always be associated with two less-than-intellectual roles: Maynard G. Krebs, the beatnik friend of the title character in "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" and the bumbling Willie Gilligan from "Gilligan's Island."

Since there were seven main characters who left for that infamous three-hour cruise, I thought the show could make a good question for the "Sunday Seven" as we say farewell to the island's most famous resident.

Now on to this week's question!

For those who don't remember, here are the characters from the show.  (And if you don't remember them, shame on you!)

Jonas Grumby, the Skipper
    Willie Gilligan, his First Mate
    Thurston Howell III, the Millionaire
    Eunice "Lovey" Wentworth Howell, his Wife
    Ginger Grant, the Movie Star
    Roy Hinkley, the Professor
    Mary Anne Summers, the Farm Girl

You have to be stuck on a deserted island with the seven castaways.  Who would you most like to have as your immediate neighbors?  Rank the seven castaways with one being the person you'd most like to have as a neighborand seven being the person you'd least like to have nearby.

Ok here we go....

Can I pick none?! :-) I mean heck how long were they all deserted & not one of them got off? They are really not going to be much help then are they! I think I would rather just have some nice peace & quiet, sand, waves, sun & well if I wanted a guy...none of them would do! Ha!

This is why I would never go on a "Survivor" show...besides the obvious problem I would have with my foot in a cast & not want to deal with some of the people that are on those shows...each of these people are not balanced! Ok, ok I'm not claiming I am totally but what I mean is they are overwhelmingly 1 sided in a trait. Now, these are more because they are purposely created characters. You know that is what "Survivor" is based upon don't you! :-) You would think putting all these people would balance it out & they would survive. Ok, so you have the Brain professor (well not all are brains, and considering he never figured out a way to get off that island, I'm not too sure he actually got his degree or if he did if it wasn't from some shady degree mill school.

Then you have Money with Mr. Howell, the Millionaire...or wait you know is he now poor since he can't get to his millions? I mean just numbers in a bank doesn't really make you have to be able to take it out & use it really....but hey if a boat or something came, he could offer & probably make good on it...unless some relative declared him dead after a while to get the inherintence! Ha!

The Skipper...dang he is the one that got them there in the first place. Good see a Skipper like this when you are about to get on a boat...TURN AROUND! I mean the man hired Gilligan so that should tell you something! They were probably advertising on an infomercial! Which brings me to wonder how this particular set of individuals ended up on the same boat & then that kind of boat?...oh I know too deep! It is just a hollywood show for people just veg watching the tube! :-) I'd love to see a spoof on this! SNL should do something! Mr. Howell tries something with Ginger...Mrs. Howell goes off with the Professor, Mary Ann offs Ginger (sorry, you have to have something in there for the CSI/Law & Order folks!), Gilligan & the Skipper...well..... ;-) Just trying to have something for everyone!

You know there was a show to find the new actors for that suppose to be on this fall? I think we should pick hollywood stars to play these characters! That is a great SEVEN! :-) Let me know who you'd pick in my comments section! How about "Ashton" as Gilligan? :-) Jessica as Ginger? This is fun...wait...
I suppose to be answering a question here, wasn't I? HA!

Ok, Ok....

Order them...ok that might be better:

1. Mary Ann...If I'm going to be actually stuck "Girlfriend we will talk!" :-)

2. The Professor...intellectually stimulating a bit & well at least a guy...I know you'd think for #1 but you know how men complain about women talking all the time so...and hey well there is a whole ocean of cold water! And...well I'll just stop there! ;-) 

3. Mr. Howell...he is fun & well maybe he would listen to my life ideas & when we got back he could invest in them! :-)

4. Mrs. Howell...she may actually do what you ask & be less likely to goof things up as Gilligan and if we got off the island she might be grateful & also invest. I think this woman may be a bit more smarter than what other think! I think she plays the role & she has Mr. Howell's money stashed somewhere! Ha!

5. Gilligan...he would goof things up but at least he is somewhat obedient & does what you want him to. Just have to give him one step at a time! Gotta feel a bit sorry for him.

6. Ginger...wouldn't want to break a nail...other than flashing some leg if a plane came by...not much help...I got PLENTY of leg! Ha! And being on a island I'm sure it would get in a bit better shape with this foot problem!

7. Skipper...he is the one that got me there & he will stay the longest! I'm not really too sure he didn't do it on purpose! Maybe he figured he'd find out everyone's weakness & get Gilligan to take the blame & he could have fun with the girls, get Howell's money & the Professors ideas & then after Gilligan offed all them "by accident" he could off Gilligan & say it was his own accident. :-)

Ok, there you go! I can't wait to see what everyone else said...maybe there is something I missed thinking about! One can only hope! Ha! Patrick you are just too goofy today! Thanks! :-)

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lv2trnscrb said...

I liked your commentary about the characters! Made me laugh. I think you were the first one that I read that didn't pick the professor first - you also picked Mary Ann like I did. These are fun!

thanks for stopping by my journal :)