Thursday, September 1, 2005

Belated Blog Day!

Ok, I missed Blog Day yesterday because I was working hard creating some script for my students, so I'll add my favorite blogs today! :-)

First there is "Looking Beyond the Cracked Window"...Ha! I am always in tears laughing about Jodi's children! Check out "Can't Beat 'em....~OR~"Wanted" Idontknow & notme & Ididntdoit" and "Chapter 2, The Guidelines"! I know you'll be laughing too! I'm sure you will also love her "I Believe" entry!

Second,  speaking of kids...check out "Three Little Piggies' entry on "The Tooth Fairy", "SuperBaby", "Proper Translation", "Shakespeare in the Living Room", and "Confessions at Walmart"! Too Cute!

Next there is "I Shaved My Legs For This?", first I just love that title don't you! I mean really that is just perfect! Sometimes you just wonder! Check out her Midlife Crisis??? & "Age Old Battle" entry which is on teenagers!

I love PostSecrets! It is amazing how many creative people there are in the world & quite frankly reading these postcards how many are so unhappy!

Check out Bonaza JellyBean's "Coming Down From The Marital High Horse". I think you'll find it VERY interesting! HA!  

Ok, I can't just do 5! I have to introduce you all to an AMAZING woman Pamela! Pamela is currently KA out of Lung Cancer...and with a smile no less! :-) You have to check out her journal "Just One Girls Head Noise". I know you will find her SUCH an inspiration!  

Well hope you enjoy these & check out the other favorite at Blog Day!


coy1234787 said...

    Happy belated Blog Day ... glad that a few of us
here in J-Land took part in it!
                         *** Coy ***

nhd106 said...

Hi,  can't figure out how to add "Bonanza" to my alerts.   Can ya help me?  Nancy