Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'll Take a Truck Load of Ginkgo!

Ok, apparently I need a truck load of Ginkgo! Ha! I did email my sister about tv shows per Patrick's Saturday Question and I think she has finally finished emailing me LISTS! Ugh!

After I thought about it, it made sense. I mean summer is only so long & our winters where mighty cold when I was kid. We took longer bundling up than staying out in the cold. I remember when mom use to time us when we begged to go out in the snow. Now I will say, as we were emailing back & forth she admitted she took her Ginkgo so hey, she was drug induced so I don't feel so bad being only 2 yrs older. Now did we watch all these religiously? No, but enough to know them so! I guess we were just as bad as the kids today, just the content wasn't so bad!

She gave me a great website too! :-) Take a look! I loved "Suzy Snowflake!" :-)

1.   Zoom, new zoo review
2.   gilligan's island
3.   romper room
4.   captain kangaroo
5.   electric company
6.   mr. ed, lucy
7.   laverne and shirley
8.   happy days
9.   mork and mindy
10. the dukes of hazard
11. lassie
12. little house on the prairie
13. abc after school special
14. emergency 51
15. munsters
16. adams family
17. courtship of eddie's father
18. the hulk
19. a family affair
20. C.H.I.P.S.
21. Love Boat
22. One Day at a Time
23. Father Knows Best
24. Fantasy Island
25. Three's Company
26. Lawrence Welk Show
27. Carol Burnett Show
28. Love American Style
29. the Daing Game
30. Webster
31. Hill Street Blues
32. Family Classics
33. Ray Raynor
34. Bozo Circus
35. Garfield Goose
36. Dick Van Dyke
37. That Girl
38. The Flying Nun
39. Mary Tyler Moore
40. Barney Miller
41. Eight is Enough
42. Family
43. Petticoat Junction
44. Green Acres
45. The Jeffersons
46. All in the Family
47. M*A*S*H
48. SNL
49. FNV
50. Miami Vice (Ok, that was later in teens)
51. Welcome Back Kotter
52. The Andy Griffith Show
53. Hawaii 5-0 
54. Dragnet
55. Dr. Marcus Welby M.D.
56. Kojak
57. Columbo
58. Swat
59. The Rockford Files
60. The Mod Squad
61. Donny & Marie
62. Sony & Cher
63. Game Shows: Price Is Right, Match Game, Password, Hollywood Squares, 10,000 Pyramid, Tattle Tales
64. The Wonderful World of Disney
65. National Geographic
66. My Three Sons
67. The Dean Martin Show
68. Flip Wilson
69. Laugh In
70. Maude
71. Bob Newhart
72. The Streets of San Francisco
73. Chico & the Man
74. Sandford & Son
75. Starsky & Hutch
76. Phyllis
77. Alice
78. How the West Was Won (Bruce Boxleitner! Yum!)
79. WKRP
80. Taxi

Ok, got any others put them in the comments section & I'll add them! :-)


nhd106 said...

Thanks for the memories!  Those were the days!   Wow..I feel old.   Nancy   ; )

jmorancoyle said...

     Ray Reyner, Garfield Goose and Bozo the Clown. Is there a Chicagoan in the room? Thanks for reminding me of great TV from my younger years.