Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wknd Asgn #77: When I Grow Up

Ok, here are my answers's to John's Weekend Assignment #77: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Based on a discussion I was having with my daughter, your short and sweet weekend assignment:

Wait, you can't leave us hanging! What does she want to be? What did you tell her? What do you want her to be?

This can be answered one of two ways: You can answer by saying what you wanted to be when you were a kid, or, you can answer by saying what you still want to be, one day, one way or another. It's up to you.

Well, I can't really remember when I was real little? I had to ask my folks. They don't remember me ever saying anything. I think I was having too much fun dreaming about the male stars of that time & playing. I was in swimming, gymnastics, playing piano, flute & guitar (not good really at any!), playing softball (16 in & All Star for that!), and into animals....hmmm maybe I should have thought Vet? Why didn't I? Ugh! Mom did say I spent a great deal of time watching the neighbor boys next door! Ha! Why am I not surprised! I remember I did have to study a lot too. Oh & my kindergarden teacher still to this day tells me I was "mother hen" in the kitchen play area. Ha! Well, I'm the oldest so....

I remember in high school wanting to be either a Ob/Gyn or a Neonatologist. In fact, that was what I headed into college with for my major. I absolutely LOVE kids & just wanted to be a part of their birth and creation.'d think I might have just taken the easy route & just a had a few of my own. Always gotta do it the hard way! Ha! Funny, I don't even have my own yet! (Ya, I'm still saying "yet" but it is getting weaker lately!) I wasn't sure if I wanted to go into neonatology because many may not survive. I even did one of my english papers on infancy euthansia to explore how I would handle it. I remember this doctor at a hospital unit sent me his rough draft of his book on the topic for my research materials. I'm telling you it was really rough, but this doctor had such a huge heart sending this huge thing to me. Said to call him at home if I had any questions etc! There are some mighty fine spirits in this world you know!

Well, why didn't I become a doctor? Two things happened at the same time. I took my first psychology course my first semester & found my spirit's home and I was not doing well in my science courses. Math was a bit better. Then it didn't help I got ill one term & the following needed knee surgery! So, since I was getting As in my psychology courses even with this all going on, I thought it was wise to switch my major. Only one switch so I was pretty lucky. I just wanted to get through college quite frankly! I didn't do that great in grammar & high school! Ha! Once I found psychology then I did great!

I'm really not sure what else I would have liked to go into, thinking back now. Perhaps dance. I LOVE to dance but I'm sure I'd end up with just different injuries! HA! Now not Ballet but more like dance for plays that are free spirited passionate kinds or like the different ballroom styles. Hmmm... but then I did also have a conversation with a friend a while back & I joked, "You know, for everything I end up doing for others, I should have become a lawyer." She asked me very seriously "Why didn't you?" I was like "Right" and she said "I'm serious!"  I realized at that moment I never considered it before and when I thought of it, I thought man that probably might have been a fairly good match. I could have been for children or animals or some topic of my interest. Anyone know of anyone who has gone back to school later in life to become a lawyer? Ha! Perhaps being at the adults table when I was a kid & playing devil's advocate with my aunts & uncles at parties should have told me something! Ha! Anyone want to finance me going back to school! Ha!


Now I remember my baby brother stating one day he wanted to be a "PainterMan" Ha! Well guess what! At 34 yrs old he just joined the painters union about 2 mo ago! Ha! He also was engaged to my best friend's sister at the age of like 5! 3 engagement rings! Cried because he couldn't go to the mall one day to get his tuxedo for his wedding! He is such a romantic man! One thing I love about him! (Pix at top...just taken yesterday!) You know I think I wouldn't mind bits of each brother & my father in a guy. Ha! All three of them really do have big hearts! 

My sister I recall her once wanting to be a police officer. I do remember everyone was so concerned about that & maybe even trying to talk her out of it. Well considering the 70s & women you know. Now, I think it really wouldn't have been the best choice but then she is who she is today because of who she did become, so maybe it would have been ok. My other brother? I think he later he wanted to go into graphics/computers but I don't remember when he was real little. Then again, the boys didn't really play with us so. My baby brother was my real live doll & with our age difference I took care of him & we were close.

Extra Credit: What did your parents want you to be when you grew up?

I don't remember my parents EVER even suggesting anything to us. When I asked my folks they said it was what I thought...they just wanted us to be happy with whatever we chose. Quite frankly, I think my folks probably thought for the girls we would primarily get married. I mean you are talking about the 60s, one early 70s, being born so considering the times. It was really my generation which many of the woman even went to college so... I actually remember after I got my Masters my mom telling me how proud she & my dad were & that they only wanted us girls to go to college to be able to support ourselves in case we got a divorce. I remember saying, thanks for the confidence & she said, "Nooo, just that there are really wierd guys out there today!"Ha! I couldn't stop laughing...apparently she didn't know how wierd I am huh! Ha! And like my folks aren't! Ha! You know my parents didn't even push me really to get married or suggest what kind of guy occupation wise or family etc! They just wanted the loyal guy who would love me & treat me right really. Hmmm! Ha! John what the heck are you doing picking a question that is really THERAPY! Ha! One should not do this without a license & even then... Ha! Where is that AOL survery about why we blog again? Ha!  

Good God I better go do some mindless laundry or something...I think you are actually making Me Think Too Much! HA! (Remember my journal title! Ha!)


derasta said...

Back in my younger days, my only dream for myself was to get married and have my own that I am older and could go back to school to learn a trade of some kind, it's hard to choose because I love so many different things and do not associate myself with just one thing....I enjoyed your entry!

sierrajazz said...

Goodness you don't only remember a lot about yourself but also about your family....Isn't it funny how life has a way of getting you to where you need to be.. like how you ended up in Psychology.. that was an interesting story

psychfun said...


I do remember my childhood vividly but just not this question because I don't think we really did a great deal about that! We were having fun! Ha! We played outside a lot & with my dad being a dentist he worked late building his practice & then of course we went to bed early when we were young. We also did quite of few of the black tie parties with my dad being an officer in many dental organizations. We went to family parties on the weekends, I went to my grandma's on the weekends etc. Just busy, busy, busy!

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
umm ObGYn huh?:):) think you can think more here and all of that paying is a super developmental booster! love,nat

lurkynat said...

i meant playing lol