Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wknd Asgn 76: I (HEART) The South

John's Weekend Assignment #76: I (Heart) The South
Picture from Hometown
The American South -- particularly Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama -- were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. But the American South has also responded to the tragedy with strength and generosity as well, opening cities and homes to those displaced in Katrina's wake. So this week's Weekend Assignment travels below the Mason-Dixon line for its topic:

Weekend Assignment #76: Tell us something you love about or from the American South. From sweet tea to Lynyrd Skynyrd, William Faulkner to the French Quarter, whatever makes you heart long for southern skies belongs right here.

Extra credit: In your opinion, which Southern state has the best barbeque?

Well, I lived for almost a year in Starkville, MS as I worked on my PhD at MSU so I do have quite a fondness for the South.
    Go Bulldogs!
I had a lovely apartment which really one would figure out was an old plantation house converted into 8 apts. I lived in what was called "
The Cotten District" which included a sport bar about 15 feet away! They make it just too easy for college students! Ha! Came in handy when the Bulldogs (basketball) went to the final 8 (I think?). That was a blast! Dontae Jones (1st 2 pix) was one of my students in Lifespan Psychology & hung out with Erick Dampier (2nd 2 pix) so I got to meet him! They both went Pro at the end of that year! Dontae is now with Anyang SBS Stars (KOR-KBL) . Erick is currently with the Dallas Mavericks.
I googled! I found some pix!!!! Here is the house I lived in! It says it is the 1907 Sander's Mansion. I lived on the 1st floor back left side of this building! The next picture would be to the left of this building facing me. It is called a Mississippi House. It has a tin roof. I remember my dad saying..."going to be pretty loud during a rain storm"! :-) The far right picture is of "The 4 Apostles" which were being built when I was down there! They were each a slightly different shade of peach! I loved the colors they used! It made the area so bright & cheery! They were in the back of my house!
Another closer picture of my can see the Mississippi House on the other end.

Here are some pictures of inside my apt! High ceilings! :-) It was a small apt but it was lovely! Served the purpose I wanted! The first bedroom (before I moved my furniture around) & next ones are of my living room!
Dusty loved all the windows to watch out of!
Kitchen Area looked into the living room.  PBJ for lunch that day I guess! HA! Microwave above stove...that ivy plant is REAL! :-)
This would be looking to the left from walking in the door. Closet & then to the right of the closet my bedroom. To the right of walking in the door is the kitchen & straight ahead would be the living room. One of my messier desk days...the life of a Teaching & Research Asst while working on your own classes! This bedroom set has served me & my nieces quite well! My folks bought it when I was in 2nd grade!!! Yep, even sliced my knee open in 2nd grade with the desk drawer. It has those tracks & I had it on my legs cleaning it & shoved it in wearing shorts in the summer! It was rather cool to see my knee cap though! :-) The bedroom set is still actually at my folks in my old bedroom for my nieces now. The Canopy bed didn't make it...probably all the jumping on the beds! Ha!
Cute little bathroom in my bedroom.

I remember freaking the first night when I wondered whether I locked my door & realized the house's outside doors did not have locks...they were just decorative, and my door to my apt had wood bottom half but then a 4 pane window for the top half. All anyone had to do it punch it in & turn the deadbolt! I could not sleep! It was quite amazing. People would leave cars running with door unlocked for like 30 mins or more & be chatting in the store! Valuables outside overnight not locked or anything! Now I didn't grow up in a huge crime area but this was sooo incredible to me!

The next time I freaked was when Dusty & I met a "Flying Tree Roach". EEEEKKK! I'm in bed & just relaxing & I hear Dusty make this sound he had never made before! He would have been 5 yrs old already so that was quite interesting to me! It was like a Kackle. His attention was quite intense & pointed in one direction. I looked to where he was looking & at this point now moving toward, low to the ground with his tail down....oh no! I this "thing", sorta like a huge beige grasshooper was on my headboard! Sorry gotta EEEEKKKK again! I could have been a cat for how fast & straight I jumped! Then all hell broke loose! The "thing" started to fly! See these are the times I wish I can say, "HONEY....GET....BUG!!!!!!" :-) But no Honey soooo....but...I will say Dusty thought "YA, she brought me a TOY!" Ha!

I went for my "Official Bug Killer" high top gym shoe! Ha! Poor Dusty! I had to kill what would have been for him at least 10 minutes of fun! Ha! Dusty went running probably thought "I know her hitting accuracy!" He came back a bit later searching for his fun for at least 5 min before he jumped into bed with me to be "on watch" for anymore "toys" which might come during the night. Actually, I felt a bit relaxed knowing he was!

One other time, I was sitting on my couch studying & I heard that sound from Dusty. I went looking for him. He was at my door looking underneath. NOPE...I WENT PREPARED! I opened my door & there was the roach! Dusty went running again! One shot! :-) I think I was getting so good that is why I never had another one again...they must have gossiped & said "they go in but don't come out!" :-) Dusty was VERY UPSET this time. He did his, I'm not going to let you pet me routine for quite some time!

Finally, and most importantly, of course I have journaled about Dr. A. a few times before! My favorite Prof and such a wonderful Southern Gentleman! He should be the representative mascot of Southern Hospitality and what I miss most of the South! :-) Yes, I have heard from him...he is OF COURSE coordinating all kinds of efforts to assist with technology for the victims of Katrina! No big surprise! The man has a heart of GOLD! :-)

Extra credit: Best BBQ?
Well I'll tell ya, I LOVE Little Dooeys in Starkville (their menu)! Unfortunately, I found them a few weeks before I was leaving! UGH! I'm going to order their sauce though! I wish they would put the pulled pork & chicken in tubs like I'm seeing some brands do in the meat coolers! That would be awesome! I remember they asked me if I wanted coleslaw...I said sure since I usually like it. I didn't know they put it on the sandwhich. I was like ???...It was GREAT! :-) We need Little Doeys to open some stores up north! I'm sure they will do well!

Now I want to go back down there...thanks John! :-)


monponsett said...

You should have sat in Erick Dampier's lap every time the opportunity arose. He's worth like $80 million now.

brandyp0509 said...

There just isn't any place like the south, lol. Even times like now we are still where I would want to be. There is just something about it here that makes you relax and slow down. Beautiful area you were in though! Love those old houses.

lurkynat said...

very charming Psychfun!