Monday, September 12, 2005

The Best Way To Honor Them!

I read the article below a WTC survivor had written & thought I would share it with you. A bit over the "official day" but I think still worth it!

The Sacrament of Gratitude
A woman caught in the swirl of WTC smoke and debris finds gratitude for life's everyday pleasures.
By Kelly Murphy Mason

There is a bit of her spirituality in it, but if that is not to you liking look for the core ideas!

I liked her idea of honoring those who lost their lives by noticing how wonderful the simplicity of life is! There is so much we take for granted! We have soooo much! I remember watching Oprah's show when she went to Africa & how the children reacted to just a pack of pencils! Man! Then you go into Wal Mart & see what is going on in the Back to School aisle! Geez! And how about people we take for granted? We forget how lucky we are to have them even one second more! I'm not saying to just think life is wonderful all the time & there are no reasons why it may not be possible be grateful for them. I DO understand! Just some of us then do take for granted those who do have good people or times with friends & family. At least we can be grateful for the moments rather than JUST be upset about the not so great times.

I also like her idea of not feeling guilty of living to actually honor those who lost their lives by living more fully & passionately! Enjoy what opportunities we are given. We should not feel so guilty that we don't LIVE even though we have been selected to live! I know not always easy but again this is the best way to honor those who lost their lives! If we don't live, then another life/spirit has really been lost! Don't give the terrorist that satisfaction! You make the choice...they don't this time! :-) 

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lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
yes life can be simple...
yes it is important ot honor these people for who theyare