Monday, September 12, 2005

What Have You Harvested?

This article is on astrology, which I'm not big on, just have fun with it, but I thought these parts were interestings!

A New Moon, A New Me
As the year transitions into Virgo, don't try to reach for perfection--take time to honor who you are right now.
By Dana Gerhardt
As a schoolgirl, every year about this time, I’d take out a clean sheet of paper and with a bold, optimistic hand, write at the top: "The New Me." Then I would list all the wonderful qualities I was determined to adopt in the coming school year: "Smile." "Be helpful." "Always say something nice."

I wonder what would happen if I filled my butcher-block paper with a more positive harvest? Instead of describing the perfect person I want to become, why not review the good things I’ve tended this summer?
Then she says...   I finally grew sweet peas after years of saying I would. I got my son to read two books during his vacation of video games—we had some rich conversations too. I got to witness amazing breakthroughs with clients and received positive feedback that makes me blush. I’ve made progress on the book I’m writing. And I’ve been exploring tantric dance, a goddess wisdom that initially felt as foreign as eating fish eyeballs. The more I danced this summer, the more joy I felt in being a woman, and the more kindness I felt toward myself and others. Friends and acquaintances say "What’s happened? You look so different! More relaxed, more joyful...more powerful!" This is not the kind of things a Virgo rising usually hears. This is not a reflection of the humble, perfectionistic, hard-working Virgo. But isn’t this good stuff Virgo too?

I thought it was a very interesting idea & wanted to share it with you. Perhaps you can try this. Me too! :-) Let me know if it helps!

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i work on this allof the time
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