Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Angels of Love

Watch this slideshow & video found on this journal entry! The video is just wonderful. The animals are soooo adorable & wanting help. I really feel for the man who did not want to give up his dogs but knew they would get taken care of when he could not take care of them! I still can't see how some people left without their pets. I know once they left with them our goofy govt did not provide they can take them with & that is a HUGE problem & BETTER be fixed for future emergency situations let me tell you...but there is no way I would go anywhere without mine. I would be like the guy & find a place for them first & if anything leaving very early to get my pets out in time. To me we should rewrite the phrase, "women & children first" to be "children & pets first!"

Please go to the site & also donate to help these wonderful people with the job they love to do but nontheless is very draining & heartbreaking also for them at times.


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
You're right- how horrible to ahve to just leave your pets there!
love and hugs nat

sierrajazz said...

I can't imagine leaving my pet.. There are so many circumstances and situations and sometimes it can't be helped.  I love helping honest people that will truly use the money as intended. This slide show was so touching and moving.  I donated today and hope anyone who had to leave their pet can be reunited with them.  I have been seeing/hearing some great stories of people reunited with pets, family, and friends, so there are some positive things happening out there. But still a lot of work to be done.