Sunday, September 11, 2005

Avoiding the Tag!

Oh how do you avoid it? You don't know? What? thought I was going to tell you? Ya, Right!....Jodi tagged me, so I'm not one to tell you how to avoid it! Ok, well here are my answers...I think? As Olympia Dukakis' Autobiography is entitled..."Ask Me Again Tomorrow..." :-)
Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

"Plan" right? Well certainly they are planned & have been...didn't say definitely accomplish right? :-) I'll try!

1. Give my WHOLE heart to someone! 
2. Raise children (not sure give birth as age is a factor but maybe adopt?) 
3. Travel... Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Italy, Paris...

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride
5. Own a Animal "Haven" (don't like shelter!) maybe in the woods next to a "On Golden Pond"...oh ya live there too!
6. Learn how to do Pottery & play the Harp
7. Swim or spend the day working with Killer Whales

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. Change my own tire...even infront of pissed guys because I won't let them!
2. Put my grandfather's weathered bench back together to use on my deck as a reminder...when all the men in my family say it can't be done! Just tell me I can't do something & watch out!
3. Make a complete mess in less than 5 minutes! :-) (Kitchen, gardening!)
4. Manage to not notice men being interested in me & apparently not convey to men very well when I am VERY interested in them.
5. Get my heart broken when I think I've done everything to protect it.
6. Once it opens, love with my WHOLE heart!
7. Talk like some wierd star wars character or something...hard to explain but it gives my friends shivers and they tell me to stop! Ha!

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

* This is right now but potential still there to accomplish!!!! :-)

1. Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, Chemistry & Physics! Nixed PreMed! (Stats is great though!)
2. Slow Dance...I'd love to take Ballroom (at least some) classes! Damn those 70s/80s!
3. Walk on my left foot solidly without pain, thus bike, hike, dance ETC!
4. Go back & explain things better to certain people. I would if I could!
5. Draw
6. Help people as much as I would like to.
7. Settle for less than what I believe I deserve & Understand why others do & don't understand they deserve better!

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:

1. Inner Strength, although a bit physical too...not too bulking though. Don't want to hug mass!
2. Helping Others/Nobility
3. Walking on the outside of you to protect you for cars, opening doors, just saw an elderly couple holding hands going to their table in Chilis Wed! He was holding her could tell! :-) OH...also not minding if I do the same for them!
4. Big Smile...especially with their eyes, full tender hugs & kisses, ability to be free with who they are and if others don't like it then they are ok with that. I think this factor allows one to Smile with every cell in their being & hug & kiss without caring what others thinks etc!  
5. Believing in me
6. Loving Children & Animals!
7. Definitely loyalty/trust!

* Expecting these things from me too!
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Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1. "Excuse Me?!"
2. "Oh Really?!"
4. "I LOVE YOU!" Sweetie 
5. "Ya, Right!"
6. "Ohh Laa Laa"
7. "Chelsea Girl/Angel Girl"

* I think we should have added phrases that make us shiver! :-)

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

* Only 7...that is not FAIR!

1. Tom Selleck

2. Pierce Brosnan
3. Kevin Kostner
4. Kevin Kline (French Kiss!)
5. John Cusack
6. Richard Gere
7. Harry Conick, Jr.
* Keanu Reeves, Antonio Banderas, Garth Brooks....too many to choose from!

Seven people I want to do this:

1. Patrick
2. Pamela
3. John
4. Caryl
5. Julie
6. Brandy
7. Nightmaremom


curvyanglintexas said...

Excellent answers :)

I love the movie "On Golden Pond" It was on AMC this morning. One reason it is a favorite, is because there are LOONS in the movie LOL I collect loons (among other things) and that's one of my nicknames from my boyfriend ;) He said Katherine Hepburn and Peter Fonda also reminds him of us He's right, they do LOL

Is the Star Wars character you're talking about Yoda? He's my favorite :) Although Chewy runs a close second I can impersonate both of them

We're the same in a lot of ways. One is our determination. If someone tells me I can't do something, I am even more focused to prove them wrong! I also agree with your celeb choices ;)


ondinemonet said...

Hi Darlin :)

This very cool! Look for my answers tomorrow (Monday).

Always, Carly :)

joolsinwa said...

nope nadda, ain't doin! LOL

lurkynat said...

dear Deboarh,
I love the Christopher Reeve tag idea! I'm writing them!I did not knwo you loved kids and animals who cool! I hope that you do travel to some cool places