Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spencer Tracey Marathon

I'm working on school stuff & I'm thrilled TCM has Spencer Tracey movies on! I missed some durng the day I guess. Some I have never seen. First I caught part of Father's Little Dividend, then I never saw Man's Castle with Loretta Young. They said she also was an item with him, apparently before Katherine Hepburn. The two of them realized it was no good with him being married. Apparently, he & Katherine didn't??? I know times were different but...I mean he was married & a devote Catholic...but he is with these ladies? We get all on our politicians like this is a new thing? I'm not excusing it, just that it is not something new. Loretta apparently said later in life Spencer was her one great love. Boy, he must have been something. I know he was not perfect because Katherine even talked to Jane Fonda about it when her dad was not kind to her during On Golden Pond.

Well now the Fury is on and then The Seventh Cross. I haven't seen either. I like Deskset & Adam's Rib which is what the picture above is from. Laws of Attraction with Pierce was a remake pretty much. Women of the Year is pretty good too. I know those are just all the romantic ones. I LOVE Guess Whose Coming to Dinner! His speech at the end...WOW! I bet my students have not seen it. Have to put that on their extra credit list!

Ok, back to work and watching!


garnett109 said...

They still show Black & Whites?

luvrte66 said...

My favorite is totally "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?". In light of what is happening in our country right now with the election, it would be very interesting to see that movie again and listen to Spencer's monologue at the end...hmm, I might have to order that movie!


chat2missie said...

My fav would be the same movie.  Hope you're enjoying your evening.

slapinions said...

FYI, I just heard Jerry Reed passed away. The first thing I thought of was your Bandit music. Sorry.