Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Lovely Day!

Hi Everyone!

Today was just a beautiful day! I wish every day was like today! It reminded me of summer days when I was little and our first house we had. I use to sit on the grass and watch the clouds. I'd listen to the birds, the planes (low ones), smell the grills in the neighborhood...just total bliss! I'm not sure when my dad planted it but we had this Weeping Willow Tree in the corner of our backyard which I just loved. I love sitting under trees...or floating...ha...I would float on our pool at our second house looking up at the branches how they curved in all kinds of directions. It was like I know where I'm going & boom they make a 90 change. Kinda like life. I'd see the squirrels & chipmunks running through them like that was their stomping ground, no different than I knew my route to the mall, McDonalds, school etc. I watched the birds fly back & forth with branches for their nests and some gross bug they would regurgitate to feed their babies. The trees would blow gentle back & forth and whisper to me. When my niece was little, she did not like the wind, so I told her it was the trees waving Hello to her. She smiled & would say Hello back! :-)

The sun would send its warmth to me and make me feel safe & relaxed. Then there was the occasional voice of mom interrupting your altered state of consciousness to ask if you feel asleep, put suntain lotion on or to tell you she had Kool-Aid or popsicles etc. Pretty soon you could feel the sun going down, but you didn't want to admit it. I vowed to stay out as long as I possibly could. I'm not cold? That wasn't a mosquito...dinner? Oh...ok, I'll go in. Then you sat at the dinner table still with the smell of suntain lotion (usually Bain de Soleil) and a bit of sweat & ate. Off to take a quick shower & change for bed to welcome another summer day of the same.

Oh do I want to be there again! Alas, summer is leaving us soon. It will return but not soon enough for me. I love Fall's show of colors, the soft beauty of Winter's white snow and Spring's birth of Summer really but there is nothing like SUMMER! Forget the countdown on Christmas Shopping Days, I countdown the days when Summer will come back & play with me.

I do hope Summer fights leaving just as much as I did going in for the evening!


chat2missie said...

I love summer, I like fall, I like spring, but I hate winter.  

garnett109 said...

Don't Let Missie Fool you She Loves winter!