Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely day. HOT here! YIPES! Tomorrow will be in the 90s again but then we are going to have a high of 65 in a few days! Wow!

I had a lovely time at a Festival I've been going to for about 30 yrs now. OMG I can't believe I said that! Geez I feel old now! They have crafts and rides & food. Lovely! I just got a few things. A cool fanny pack in these geometric shapes mostly brown & blacks, got a DVD & CD for my babies. Yep...I've had one with Birdies now for about 18 yrs with Dusty. They chase after the birds on the tv &  quite frankly it helps me to listen to the birds, especially in the winter it makes it feel spring in here. I want to get one of those thermometers that tells the outside temp & has a speaker with the outside birds. Well this new video has birds, but fish and other things so I'm excited to show it to them tomorrow. The CD has soft music with birds etc on in the background. Sounded nice, we'll see. I'll probably like it more than them Ha! I got some corn & a lemon shake-up, figured the last for the summer.

I also got this sign for Halloween. It has a witch sitting at a table with a yellow moon behind her and kitties walking up in a line. One kitty is on the chair with his front paws on the table & it says "Paw Readings...Black Cats Welcome" Isn't that just cute. I never saw something like that so I had to get it! :-) That is it! I saw some other nice things but that is all I really wanted. I got a sun burn. Well, my bro was bring the sunscreen so he didn't get there right away & then I missed some spots. Didn't have a nice guy to put it on. He was busy with my niece riding the rides & playing games. My niece won a goldfish which she named Nemo & won a teddy bear & a red dog. Got her face was had by all! My sis came too & we shopped a bit. We headed to a restaurant my niece wanted to go to for dinner. I had a heat migraine by then but a few meds, ice tea & some dinner & it was getting better.

I then went to my cousin's to pick up a video & ended up staying 2 hours! OMG! But it was lovely talking with them, especially her husband. He is not the rough exterior one sees...he is very sweet! My cousins husbands are always teasing me & pushing my buttons but tonight he gave me some very sweet compliments that meant so much to me. He was quite supportive of me & I had no idea he thought that way of me. Wow!

Well, I still have a headache a bit. I took a shower to get the day's sticky sun off me and cool down. I'm going to head to bed & hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I do hope my classroom is not hot or I'll be in trouble. Let you know!


garnett109 said...

glad you enjoyed your day

sugarsweet056 said...

Glad you had a nice Labor Day!  :)

luvrte66 said...

Sounds like a lovely day! As for the comments made by your cousin's husband...isn't it nice to find out that someone admires you but you never knew it? Especially when it's someone you wouldn't expect to feel that way? It's just a great little boost that makes you think, "Gee...I must be doing something right!" Glad you had such a moment yesterday!


chat2missie said...

It's hit the 90s here again too.  September usually gets pretty hot.  Just in time for kids to go back to school!LOL