Monday, August 18, 2008

My Last Day of Vacation!!

The clock keeps ticking. It won't let me stop it. Well, I could go & pull the power from it or smash it with my sad feelings but that really doesn't stop the time from passing, just the another confirmation that it is. Summer has come & gone. I know we still officially have some left but I go back to work tomorrow. My official Summer Vacation is ending once more. You know how they say you pay for it later...8am tomorrow...UGH! I know, I know, I'm lucky I teach at the college level & don't have to everyday. So what am I complaining about...I'm not a morning person. Never was & I don't really think I'll change? I have meetings the next 3 days & then Friday is just prepping but I have my syllabus, calendars & blogs all done & online already so I'm in good shape. I thought I would avoid the stress or minimize it that way. I slept late today but that is only because I didn't fall asleep until late. I'm going to try to head to bed early tonight...we'll see. I really do want to go for about 7am or a bit after but we'll see. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't love being in my classroom with my students, I just wanted a bit more vacation that is all. As I told my students on their blog the kids are going back so if we don't we'll be in trouble & they'll catch up to us! HA!

I had PT today & they gave me different exercises & bumped me up to a blue band. My left hamstring was pulling a bit & later seemed to be spasming more but I think it has settled down now. I spent my afternoon finishing putting together my shelf. Then pulling the other smaller one out & cleaning it up etc. I have one more to put together tonight. Then I went and tried to perk myself up. My nails were scary so I had some fun. Well, sorta...they all broke off now so I couldn't do as much so I had them do my fingers clear & then my thumbs we did these ladybugs! Well I did...they didn't know how to do them. Which it was hard doing the right one with my left hand but they turned out nottoo bad. Well you don't notice the ladybugs with all red or if they were all ladybugs not as special. Aren't ladybugs suppose to be goodluck? They asked me & that is what I remember. Now you can see them good. (Picture below!) Well, I'm a psych prof what do you want from me & I have to come into class making them not scared but hey sometimes...ha! It is sooo great not to fit into norms all the time! HA! And geez give me a break...the students are sooo beyond me so...and these little things do matter in having fun & feeling young etc. I then went shopping & bought 5 tops different colors on sale for $ a sale...then I picked up a pizza! Ahhh thin & crispy crust & I was bad & had green pepper, onion & sausage! I don't think I've had one all summer so that was my little party with myself! HA!

Well I better get that other shelf taken care of & get some things back in order & ready for tomorrow. Our students start back next Mon.


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

The pizza sounds yummy...have a good rest of the week..TerryAnn

garnett109 said...

Enjoy your Day!

chat2missie said...

I'm sure for a teaching professional, the summers must go by really quick!  Gee, with school starting, that means winter will be here before we know it YUK!

penlady708 said...

I've had those "last-day vacation" blues too; I see you are also into the icanhascheezburger site as well (gotta love those lolcats).  Anyhow, I was reading your post in Magic Smoke re the recent pic for the caption contest; I recall that Maaco commercial, something like "Uh-oh, better get Maaco"!!! (we had one in town) I used to think they could re-do a car in the time it took to air that commercial.

This journal is nice reading, I definitely will visit again; your inspirational blog sounds interesting---I'm going to check that one out too; feel free to visit me here:
have a great night

penlady708 said...

oops!!! (boy is my face red) forgot to mention with all my rambling OMG those ladybug toes are too cute!!! btw, I remember as a litle girl hearing if you caught a ladybug on your hand or finger it was good luck...and tickled, too ;o).  Catching fireflies in a jar was another pleasure of summertime I remember.