Thursday, August 14, 2008

People Are Just Too Funny

OMG...what is with people? Anxiety & Hemorrhoids is what this flight attendant is claiming as physical injuries from Joel Osteen's wife pushing her. How do these things even get to court. Those judges must just laugh in their chambers! And this is the intellectual capability a flight attendant has to have to work for Continental? I'm never flying with them that is for sure! Good God if that is all you need is a push to get that all the kids in school are in trouble! HA! I wonder how the boxers sit the week after a fight? Stop me...I could go on & on! have anxiety for trying to go after a man of God...ok we can argue the money issue with him but even so...and the hemorrhoids are from working your brain apparently too much...sitting on it too much also! Sorry, I'm not usually this bad but geez give me a break. There are more important things in the world to take care of & things she could be doing. Go through the pictures & look at the other flight attendant who was supporting! I'm not thrilled about any evangelist (sp) nor quite frankly the Pope having all the money they do when there are so many poor people, but I have listened to Mr. Osteen's show I think twice & both times I really liked it. I know save me from this future cult but...I take what is useful to me & discard the rest...much of what I do with anyone...HA! Oh don't worry I'm sure they do the same with me! HA!

Why am I sore...PT this morning & yep, just did an hour on my treadmill & then lets see...totalling would be 200 squats (different kinds) and about 100 on my arms (different kinds). :-) Much of it is motivated I think by anger the last two days. I'll explain in another post!


garnett109 said...

200 squats I thinks it's time you need some roid relief ! Lmao!

psychfun said...

Sorry to disappoint but no fact before my foot injury I was doing 420 squats a day!!! 60 X 7 different ways!

chat2missie said...

I am so glad the flight attendant did not win her case!  Enjoy your weekend.