Monday, August 25, 2008

What A Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!

Well that wasn't the best first day of class...Sigh! I walked in my classroom to a Sauna! I and another prof had called last week about how hot it worse! Ugh! One of our air conditioners had problems I guess. It was like 20 degrees hotter than it should have been. My first class was wilting & I was along with them. Didn't help it was standing room only! By the 3rd class in there it was getting cooler but by then I was getting a migraine! Ugh!

Came home & went to PT and someone I know from my Tai Chi group, who I have not seen for a very long time, came in for PT and was so excited to see me she had to come back right away to talk to me. It ended very good for her in some ways. She had a knee replacement about 4 weeks ago & so right now it is really tough when they are working on her to stretch it while it is swollen etc. I tried to keep talking to her as while they did it and she was wincing in pain. Even the PT kept telling her to talk to me as it became more painful for her. We already emailed each other tonight. She is so sweet. I ended up taking my migraine pills there as I was finishing up my last 2 exercises and then we talked a bit more. By the time I was leaving my head was getting better.

I got hom & relaxed a bit but then my headache was coming back but it was about an hour after I took my meds & that is when you can take another. I ended up not but I was sooo tired I layed down. Set my alarm for an hour but ended up sleeping for 3! YIPES! I feel weird now...more than my usual that is...ha...but I think it is just migraine hangover thing. Had some strange dreams though. Poor Dusty & Country were starving when I woke up since they had not had their dinner. Don't worry they have crunchies out all the time but they get a can of food for breakfast & dinner.

Now I'm trying to get a few things done for tomorrow. I'm hopeful that the classroom will be cool tomorrow as it was already getting that way when I left. I was upset sleeping so much thinking I would not be able to sleep tonight now but I'm still yawning? Maybe I'll sleep & then just get up early which is good because they changed my classes on me Friday & now I have an early class on T & Th...and I am not a morning person so perhaps it is a pleasing in disguise.

Oh I did make some Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies & took them to campus for the faculty. I found the mix at TJ is their site! Yum...but I've been good. Well, back to work.


garnett109 said...

my cooler days prevail

chat2missie said...

I can't imagine how horrible it must have been to be teaching in such heat!  No wonder your head hurt.  Hope today is better for you.