Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Samson But...

Ok, it isn't like I'm Samson or anything & have all this strength in my hair but you all know women & their is a very big deal! Did you watch that when you were a kid with Victor Mature? I loved his locks! I go in for a small cut & my color. I show her that I want more of a choppy layer than slow tiny progression...understand. She says you know if you take the ends off, cut the tip of the V in back your hair will be healthier. Ok, well I have been just trimming...she says an inch or two. I swear these people do not know measurements! I mean I know I am not good with it & thus why I use a tape measure, ask for additional info than just miles and certainly did not go into an occupation which requires it! My hair at its longest point was just above my midback...maybe between the middle of my it? Now??? Just touching my shoulders!!!!! NO LIE! I'm like thinking the "H" do you think that is an inch or two. My ends were not that damaged!!!! Nothing I can do about it now. And my bangs? She knows they go up so much when they dry...I hate them if they are not like touching my eyebrows much less longer...they are midforehead! Now I will say she is not good blowdrying or when I got home & redid it is not bad style & does "look healthier and thicker" likes she said, but it could have been that still at maybe my collarbone! I'm like pulling the back of it all the time! All that growing it & now it is gone! What a waste! It better grow fast. I'm soooo pissed! I'm not saying anything against anyone who likes shorter hair...I just like long hair. I always have & my hair usually grows slow! It is probably God pissed at me because my ex-sis-in-law cut my nieces hair short again & I was not happy. Her's was at her collarbone & looked soooo lovely & now it is cute...yes...that is not bad at 11 yrs of age, but telling me mine is cute? I'm sorry somehow that is not what I was going for! And my niece just looks so pretty with longer hair. Her mom has total short hair, which looks good on her, but my niece had real long hair when she was little with little curls & it was just beautiful. So why do I go to this woman? Her price is great! I get my cut, color & eyebrows for like $50 total! You should see what it is up north. She ever does this again though & that will be it. Someone else chopped all my hair off about 8 yrs ago & I hated it can see I still remember! HA! Ok, so what did I do...took it out working out, Cried a bit, worked on stuff for my students so I wouldn't think about it & got some shelves to replace the old ones so I'll have to put them together tonight. Yes...anger has no paragraphs either! Ha!


luvrte66 said...

Just stopped by via AOL journals and thought I'd say hi!

I have long hair, too. I totally get what you're saying! Your cats are adorable--we have only one and he pretty much rules the roost. LOL

My husband and I live in northern Indiana, we LOVE THE CUBS!

Take care,

chat2missie said...

Have a good weekend.

sunnyside46 said...

Long hair people will never understand
It's like an amputation to cut your hair!
People tell me all the time that women of a "certain age" should wear their hair short because it pulls the face down ...bull...they will toast my ashes with my hair long!