Friday, August 8, 2008


Well I had to post on a special day like today! The date alone is so cool! I went to work for about 5pm & got home about 9:30 & realized I missed the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm hoping they will repeat it but it may be one I buy actually.

At the risk of someone saying I am Obama's wife & UnAmerica...I really wonder if Chicago could top what China did! That was just incredible. And we wonder why they are doing so well in their economy in just a decade? I think we really need to stop complaining about China & step up to the plate & try to compete at their level. That is just my opinion but...Mayor Daly is on tv now even saying Chicago would not be anywhere near it. It cost China 40 Billion...can you imagine? He said that you put the last 25 Olympics together & it may not add up to what China did. The point is...they did it! They do not say No or say "We Can't" and we need more of that in the US! I'm not saying we don't have any of it...just we need much more. I don't know about you but I see many who think they can't before they even investigate it or don't just believe in it first!

Well Dusty believes there should be a Kitty Olympics! He says he can climb great heights, as you can see by the Christmas Tree, which the peak of the roof is about 16 ft so...& he doesn't even want to come down! He also believes he should get the Gold medal for bravery! Climbing my very pathetically messy desk to get to the Fishie was quite dangerous he said for some kitties but not for him! Then there is the long limber! Finally, taking the chance of getting caught (Got the proof!) he thinks should earn him a 10.0 Gold! He says he may have some more examples in future posts in the next 16 days so get ready!


garnett109 said...

From what I heard the #8 is a very lucky # in china.

chat2missie said...

Yes, it was a wonderful show for the opening ceremony, but how people lost their homes to make room for that opening ceremony?  Just taken away from them, thrown out on the streets with no where to go in the name of the olympics.  No matter how you look it, America is better than China in the way it matters most.  Being a humanitarian country is more important than being the richest one.
I love the cat picture.  Enjoy your weekend.


psychfun said...

We are no better...Mayor Daly is taking away all the homes for the O'Hare Airport Expansion, near my home town the city took over a farm to build a Mall...just took it away from the...oh sure they offer market price but what if they want to move. We are no better! They can do it legally!