Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Alive!!!

Hi Everyone!

Well last Thursday I came home from my last day of summer school & was working on my computer for about 30 min & I hear "BSSST" and then my monitor goes black & I smell something burning! UGH!!!! *&%^#!!!

I call my dad & say, "Dad talk to me before I start crying!" I was just thinking I lost my computer. Now I had almost everything on my flash drive since Dell had to redo my computer so I would not have lost all my data but a few things that were added the last week or so. It was just the thought that I would have to buy a new computer now. I had just replaced my sound card & my mouse is dying since I have to basically break a finger pressing the right button to get it to work. Well, my dad helped me logically think it through...if it was my motherboard it would have a screen but say it can't find the files so he thought my power supply was the problem & that was not too costly. He said he would help me put a new one in when he brought his mattress to me. Yep, I get hand-me-downs! HA! First it was cars...which wasn't bad when I got my brothers red Z24. HA! I miss my Zoom, Zoom but I like not having to get in my car so low with my back & knees and having more cargo room now. My folks had got a Select Comfort bed in AZ & they had just finally ordered one for their house here for the summer, so when it came in I got their mattress. It is probably 10 yrs old but what I have is probably 20 so better than what I got until I can order a Select Comfort too. I really would like to get a King then but that is more costly so we'll see. I can always get a King later....So, he & my brother came over and we went to OfficeMax & they assured me it would work & be more power even...cables didn't reach! SIGH! So I had to order one from Dell!  

Ok, so it comes in today! YA! I got it connected with a little help from my dad over the phone. Some plugs were obvious but others I was not sure if they had to be in certain slots or just any so I called. Then I call Dell to ask them about the sound card they sent me for my front plug ins. It looked the same as what is in there... UGHHHHHH....I will give you the VERY short version...1 1/2 hrs later they tell me they could have sent me the back soundcard of what I had & the front would plug into it & so now I have to send back the 2 cards & order the one I originally had. I know...LOVELY! Maybe I can get them to pay for it or give me some credit or something other than an Ooops, We're sorry! Unfortunately, I started to get a migraine on the phone with Dell. It is better but lingering. I should take my contacts out & eat something.

I swear I was having withdrawal from not being online for a week. Well, I went to another "supplier" ha...I went to work the last two days for a bit to work & check emails etc. Hee Hee! I had to go in last Friday also to enter grades etc. I figured it was God's way of making me stay off the computer & get other things done. HA! Which I did!

I had some other excitement the last couple of days also...Tornado Warnings! Ugh! I really didn't like the 6am one...I woke up from a big thunder clad & then I said, "Is that the alarm?" I went and looked out my window & it was really GREEN! Ugh! Dusty & Country were not too happy with me scooping them up from their deep sleep & bringing them into the bathroom but hey they know I'm crazy already. Can you imagine what cats must think...HA! They have no idea why we have to stay in the bathroom...pretty crazy if you think about it. Ha! Some big trees down in the city next to me but we were pretty much ok. 2 big ones down on the other side of the street by my school's entrance. Cracked a about 3 or 4 feet from the ground.

Well, long already...I'll post some more in a bit...


garnett109 said...

yep , when they go down so does your day.

chat2missie said...

Well, I'm glad your back online!  I'm also glad you had no tornadoes where you live.  Enjoy the weekend.