Sunday, August 17, 2008

Red Bull Warning!

Did you see the warning? Red Bull apparently makes your blood sticky! I've been talking to my students about caffeine drinks for years! Just not good! Especially how young ones are drinking them also!

I'm happy to say I have never gone beyond my Pepsi Caffeine. I rarely drink coffee...just when it is a flavored one maybe once a year during the holidays. I don't drink pop as much as I was younger...maybe 1 a day but not always that. Mostly when I need the caffeine when I have a headache. There are studies that show taking it even with your Tylenol it significantly improves than without. They even have caffiene injectors for migraines. Now maybe it isn't the caffeine doing it but something else that is in the Red Bull? I don't know? It also made me wonder about some of the athletes that die suddenly playing? Perhaps they had one or more before they began to play & with their hearts pounding? We'll have to see.
Do you remember the scene in Meet the Robinsons? Not to make light of this but really show what people are doing!


chat2missie said...

I've never tried Red Bull, and now I know I never will.  LOL

sunnyside46 said...

I love my coffee but energy drinks taste nasty!

garnett109 said...

nope don't drink it