Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This print is called "Too Pooped To Participate" by Charles Wysocki which I've always loved. I have a metal one of this in my kitchen. :-) Well I was too pooped yesterday to post about my first day back & today...I took a long nap when I got home. HA! Today was 8:30 meeting...ICK!!! At least tomorrow is 10am! :-) I got my workbooks into our copying dept so I'm pretty much set for next week. I think this is the most ahead I've been in 18 yrs of teaching! HA! Now I have to work on the text material. New book & a new edition...ugh. I'll do that in the next couple of days.

You know I'm thinking of actually taking an iron pill. About 2 yrs ago I was low & I wonder if I am again? But I've just been feeling like that for the last week? Still? Probably not eating right again? Well that wasn't the whole reason before but I get into these moods once or twice a year where I'm bored with food. Nothing appeals to me. Every get like that?

The meetings were ? Well so were so short we had bigger breaks so if you combined them I was like I could have came in at 9:30 & slept more! HA! The critical thinking for hours was long and I didn't feel engaged as it should. I did get some ideas so to me if you walk away from something & even get one nugget it is worth it. I went to more today but only like 6 others did with me since it was optional so might tell you something. Again, an idea or two. Probably didn't need to be so long, could have been another topic today or we could just have came back today but that is my opinion worth you know what! We'll see how tomorrow topic.

Well tomorrow we are getting storms in the evening & then Fri & Sat scattered. Good I can just work inside and not feel bad I'm missing being out in the nice weather. Then I'll get that done & can enjoy the days after. Now I feel like I slept too much? Ugh. It will straighten out soon I'm sure. Well I think I'll watch some of the Olympic coverage since tomorrow is the last day. Later...

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