Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mama Mia Therapy!

Hi Everyone!

Well, last week was a week of hot classrooms & migraines & then something in my family happened that has made me...sad, disappointed and my heart aches so bad. I talked to my ex about it & he agreed with me & that made me feel like I was not being stupid which made me feel much better. I then tried to escape it for a bit...knowing it would be there later...and went to see Mama Mia! finally. I had tried to get my 3 female cousins & our moms & my sis to go together to have fun but a few didn't want to & then the others pooped out on me. I tell you people life is short you gotta make time for fun & grab the opportunities when you can! So I just said too bad I'm going alone! I love going to movies. They energize my spirit. I thought with somewhat the theme it might be a problem but it wasn't. It actually helped I think in more ways than I thought.

So who has seen it? I really LOVED it! I know some are thinking it is goofy etc but I didn't. My sis emails me & says I couldn't get over them just breaking out into song? HELLO?! What the heck was GREASE & man all the musicals we grew up with. It is like people who have to separte their food I guess. HA! Don't you every just break out in song singing? If need to have more fun in life I think! HA! Perhaps it was that a bit...brings you back to the time period when we did have musicals. BTW...I saw that Grease is coming back to the theaters I think Sept 13 & 14! Have to go see that on the IMAX if it is there?

I loved the scene with Meryl jumping on the bed! OMG! She is older than me. I'd probably bang my head. I can just imagine explaining that to the ER docs! They wouldn't believe me. My family would though! Ha! I'll have to jump on my bed next week...just a bit!

I already went & bought the CD. I don't care if people think it is goofy, I like the ABBA songs! I remember them & they do make me dance & that is awesome for my spirit. I've already been dancing today so those viewing me on the hidden cameras in my place you may want to tune out for a while...HA!  To dance freely from your spirit...that is sooo good for your spirit! And throughout the movie it was fun like down the banister...that is what life is about!

I also love the idea of how friendship is sooo much fun! There is nothing like being goofy with your friends! You feel safe to be yourself, to cry to be stupid everything!

Ok, should I get to the real reason why I went to see it? PIERCE! HA! YUM!!!! OMG that man is just so incredibly hot! Now see why can't he be in my dreams! HA! We should be able to pick who we want! HA! Then at the end they get all wet & he is in a white he takes it off! OMGGGGG!!! I felt guilty & wanted to go pay more. Didn't feel guilty over having a dirty mind at all though! HA! Which I will forewarn you, pick your seats wisely...surrounded by senior citizens. I have nothing against them. Love them...except two things, bless their hearts they are getting out & living & having fun but when they are shouting "What did she say" etc...UGH...and then you just have a dirty mind when you have grandma & grandpa next to you! HA!

People are also complaining about Pierce's voice not being that great. I thought it was adorable. Was it an incredible voice like some great that was was like a normal guy trying to sing which made it seem more real to me. I would love a guy that came in the kitchen singing to me & grabbing me & dancing with me! ;-)

Now this may be a bit of a spoiler so don't continue to read if you want to still see it. I found the themes quite interesting. The idea that sometimes we THINK we know how life is...what others think or did is quite interesting to me. I think those who saw it would know what I'm talking about. They both assume & boy how we can get in trouble with that by not asking how each other really feels. In the movie it all works out later...oh if only that really happened in life. And I loved the idea that love really never goes away. To me that is so true. I also thought it was hysterical at the end with the credits. You have to wait until the very end but these guys in their get ups...OMG! Not one person got up in the theater...we all just listened to the music & had fun! I can imagine Meryl would be so fun as a friend. 

Boy did I understand all too well that feeling that it is too late & the emotion of her running! But I loved how in the end they take a chance on love AGAIN! To not care if others think they are foolish, to not care about the past part of their lives...just NOW & what they want for the FUTURE! th me! ;-)

I also love that these were mostly Mature actors shall I say. I just mean it was not all TEENS or even young adults...ok I'm young but... 

One last does this not show how great actresses they women are. look at those emotions. They each express it differently & if you didn't know what movie this was from & had seen it you could really have fun wondering what they are looking at & feeling. Love it! I have a feeling...I'll be seeing it again! Oh thank God matinees are cheaper! HA! 


slc94 said...

Yes, that was a great movie..I loved it too.

luvrte66 said...

While we haven't seen the movie, my entire family went to see the musical at our local theater, maybe 2 years ago. It was really a lot of fun, and the music was better than I remember it, LOL!

Sounds like you really enjoyed it, and I'm glad to hear it made you smile...and dance...and sing! Always a good thing!

Hope all is well with your family.


P.S. I like Pierce, too. :)

chat2missie said...

I wanna see Mamma Mia but I can't talk my husband into it.  I'll have to see what Nicci's work schedule is and maybe she'll go with me.  Have a good night.

helmswondermom said...

Well, I thought I wanted to see it before, but I know I want to see it now!

slapinions said...

I love ABBA and look forward to seeing it, but I'll prob wait til the DVD release.