Thursday, July 31, 2008

Woo Hoo...last day of Summer School!

Happy Dance Time!!!

Tomorrow (technically today!) is my last day of Summer School! Woo Hoo! And we are really done with content so we are doing a review, I'll answer any questions they have and then they can have the rest of the time to work on their exam if they like online. As soon as I turn in grades I'm off for a bit over 2 weeks! Have the have them done by noon Friday but I may sooner. 

I just finished a Powerpoint with their Review to use the IClickers. I love them & the students seem to also.

I had a great time with my cousin tonight. We sat at the bar at LoneStar for a while & talked & these two guys, probably late 20s? were listening & chirping in from time to time...hysterical! The bartender gave the 4 of us (the guys too) shots of Appletinis? It was good. I haven't done a shot since maybe in my mid 20s! Oh wait I know MSU working on my doctorate the jelloshots...ha...I haven't thought of that for so long! HA! I would have been 26 or 27? My favorite is Ouzo! I don't like black licorice but I swear I lick out the shot glasses with Ouzo! Ha! It took me 1 1/2 hrs to get to dinner tonight though due to traffic...ugh. We talked though for 4 hours! HA! I'm sure the restaurant was thrilled with us! HA! We had a great time though. My cousin is having a pool party for her kids birthdays and graduation this Sun though so we'll get to have some more fun. I think we are also going to go to the zoo when my niece comes back in since she has some passes. I had fun there last weekend so I can't wait.
The weathermen were so wrong though...again! It rained on my way...though I got a free car wash! :-) I went to B&N afterwards & got a book on Cary Grant & one on Katherine Hepburn on sale. Pretty much all pictures with explanations. I also got this set of cards with Sign Language...I wanted to learn & this looks good. It was on sale too. Then I picked up the new Scientific American, Scientific American Mind & a magazine I never saw before called Green Guide by National Geographic. My Social Psych students have a chapter on Sustainable Future and our institution getting with the program! :-) I'll try to link those later! Saw my sister there & said hi for a bit & then took off because I was tired...and thus I say "Sweet Dreams"

P.S. As James Bond ends now I just want to voice my opinion by saying they made a big mistake getting rid of Pierce! What a hunk of man! HA! And hopefully...he will make my dreams sweet! HA! 

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chat2missie said...

Congrats on the last day of summer school.  Now, when does school start back up? LOL
A teacher's job is never done!