Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tooth Fairy's Treasure Hunt

Yes...the movie is on now! HA! (Above) I actually do like it myself.

Well, my little 9 yr old niece lost 3 teeth this summer. She has another one loose right now! My niece also loves the movie "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage. We don't know why but she goes nuts! HA! She comes over & checks the cable listings to see if it will be on. She takes control of the remote worse than my bros. HA! I don't think they would even dare try to take it from her. Now we tell her when it is on etc. I'm sure it will be bought soon! :-)

Well, she made me & Grandpa watch & as we were watching she was eating a popsicle & exclaimed her 3rd tooth came out. HA! Well the tooth fairy saw how happy she was with National Treasure & decided to give her a Treasure Hunt for her Treasure! Yep, this was quite a change of plans for the tooth fairy so she had to go on a Supply T
reasure hunt Trip herself. HA! The pictures above are what the tooth fairy left minus one part that is missing at the moment so let me explain.

Under her pillow she found this green card which told her she had to find 5 clues. She also found the red card "Frozen Yum". She immediately went to the freezer knowing that meant her popsicles, which by the way Grandpa lets her eat in the morning! UGH!

In the freezer she found a Blue card Clue #1 with what you see & the back side not filled out of course. She also found a small Pirates of the Carribean card (missing here) which said "Not to be a lily scared mate" (I believe). She had to figure out this was telling her to go to Grandma & Grandpa's bedroom, which she was afraid to go to the night before to get something because the light was off.

When she got to Grandma & Grandpa's room she found Clue #2 Green Card & her next card telling her where to go (Blue), to Comb her Hair. When she got to the bathroom she found a packet of wide tooth combs. She hates combing her hair! There she also found an Orange card saying "Got Milk" and Cl;ue #3 the Orange card.

She then ran to the fridge and look by her milk. There she found the yellow card saying "Orange Snack" and clue #4 the red card. "Orange Snack" she knew immediately! The night before her auntie finished the few Cheese Puffs that were left and she was upset. She looked in the kitchen closet & found a brand new bag of Cheese Puffs, and clue #5 yellow card.

Then she had to figure out what to do with the clue cards. You can see it took her a few attempts to figure out the numbers & letter codes. She filled them out & then had to place the cards in order. Once she did it told her first to brush her teeth. She then went into the draw to get her tooth brush & there she found a brand new automatic Barbie tooth brush & a new tube of Barbie toothpaste.

The other cards told her she would find her treasure in the Zebra Box. Now, she has two zebra boxes. She looked in the first plain box for wrapping items & just had her black & white beads she got for her birthday. She then quickly ran to the zebra jewelry box with the zebra on top that her aunt bought her for her birthday. In there she found a $5 bill, a Angel pin actually an heirloom and a lovely shiny ring with 3 stars, one pink, one purple & one "diamond"! :-)

Grandpa even got a kick out of participating a bit! He was quite surprise the tooth fairy did all this & wondered how long or late the tooth fairy was doing all this at the house. Ha!

Last night I didn't want to get up to turn the channel while I was at the computer & they had the Amazing Race on with families. It dawned on me my niece would love something like that...it is just like the treasure hunt! HA!

This tooth fairy keeps upping the anty...lets just hope she runs out of teeth falling out before it kills the tooth fairy! HA! Amazing what one's love will just make you "have to do!" :-)

I hope this all makes sense? Let me know if it is confusing & I'll try to clarify if it is.

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lurkynat said...

very cool Deborah! huggggs! I'm fascinated..so she found the new toothbraush in to toothbrash area ans shew as told to go to the zebra box to find the other zebra..yes? cool!
did she find anything else? I like your video! have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!
love ya,natalie