Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sigh...My Sweet Visitor!

Sniff, sniff! Damn cats! I went to feed my birds before I headed up north to the folks & there were tons of bird feathers on the grass. I think my little visitor from the other night was a part of the "circle of life." UGH! I'm just so upset now.

I should have brought him in but I just thought I shouldn't touch him or what if I hurt him more. I know next time I'll try to get him in a box. Of course I'd have to keep him away from my cats but I probably could have put him in the 2nd bedroom or bathroom. And to think I put cat food out for the cat I saw a few days prior. Well, he apparently needs no help so he is not getting any more treats from me! I hope he gets indigestion!

This is why I can't let me cats roam...well that & the thought of them being flattened by a car, which for those two people who let theirs in the past 6 months out that I ended up hitting, you will have me to answer to someday!!! I was so angry with God the last time. I don't know how anyone can kill someone...well other than self-defense maybe.

Well I got my hair trimmed. She said the one side wasn't the same...that is what I thought. She wouldn't do anything about the color though & I wasn't too happy about that. I'm going back in 2 weeks & if it isn't ok then I might have to find someone else. I may have some luck though. My mom said my dad found "a big curling iron" in the boxes from when they moved. I wonder...might be that I bought one for their house so I wouldn't have to travel with one...that would be great! I can't find one like my last one. I returned my latest one & I'm going to wait to see if what she thinks is "big" is what I think is! Ha! Might be my sis & she doesn't use as big of one as I do.

Well, I better get going. My niece ask me on the phone "I thought you were coming in the afternoon?" Ugh! I told her maybe she would like to go with me when I get my nails done...girl's outing!


jeannieclaire said...

I have never understood why so many people let their cats roam either.  In Napa people just let them run all over freely, and most probably end up being killed by the pitbulls this state still lets carelessly roam free, too.  Or, they end up hit by a car, coyote dinner, etc.  In N.W. Iowa, where I come from even cats have to be on leashes when outside and pitbulls are illegal.  If caught with a pitbull it's about a $2,000 fine, and the dog is impounded and usually euthanized in the end.  So when I moved to Napa I was surprised to learn they appear to be the dog of choice by most people around here and can be seen everywhere.

xomywayox said...

Aww sweetie don't feel bad. You did what was right.