Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Night in Munchkin Land!

What a way to end the summer. Ok, I know technically we have 2 more weeks until Labor day but I've always felt summer ends with "Back to School" and that starts tomorrow for me so...

Last night (Sat) I took my little niece to see "The Wizard of Oz" being shown outside under the stars with one of the biggest screens I've ever seen! It was just a moment I hope I can still remember when I'm an very old lady! :-) They had the characters dressed up! My niece got to meet Glenda! :-) She saw Dorothy but couldn't get to meet her before the show started. My niece just turned 9 yr this past July & it seems she still thinks they are the characters...good hopefully one more year with Santa Claus...I'm not ready to have her grow up yet! HA!

You know I'm not sure who had more fun she or I! HA! And quite frankly you could see that same question with other parents. Couples even just walking by on the riverwalk stopped & snuggled & watched! Even the police officer on the bike stopped & watched twice for a while! ;-) Oh speaking of police officers...ha! On our way to the movie we walked by this fountain my niece likes. Well this little brother decided to push his older brother in the fountain! HA! Totally soaked! The father had the officer who came by give the little one a talking to! HA!

The movie was the original version & I don't think??? I've seen it on a screen? So that was AWESOME. Man, two in one summer. I had taken my older niece to see Gone With The Wind this summer on a screen. The original version & we met the woman who played Bonnie Bell Blue so this was quite a fun summer. Watching all the kids & hearing their expressions was also soooo much fun. My niece was still a bit frightened when the lion came on the screen so she came to sit in my lap then. :-) I wasn't sure if she recognized the characters were the same as the men on the farm earlier, and the wizard & witch so I asked her to really look at their faces then if she had seen them before. She then seem to get it. Today we talked about how it was fromDorothy getting hit on the head & her dreaming. We also talked about how the scarecrow kept coming up with great ideas but thought he didn't have a brain, how the Tim Man cried even though he thought he didn't have a heart & what courage is & how the lion went to save Dorothy. I said you can still be frightened but if you still do it then you have courage. :-) Ahhhh! I love kids!

Afterwards we went to the cookie dough place again. Dang I'm going to get my cousin for taking me...I'm hooked! But this time I ASKED for the baby scoop but if that was a baby scoop they must have some very big babies! HA! I still could not finish it. I really need to just go with some date & then share. I'll only have a few bites & he can have the rest! :-) I'll make a promise to myself now not to go until maybe Halloween now. I would think they may have some cool pumpkin or something then. Especially, since I did lose weight. Down 1 size in my jeans! :-) Don't want to screw that up. We did walk around the town afterwards to take in the excitement of the town & walk off what we were eating! HA! Barnes & Noble kicked us out! HA! Well, my watch said we had 5 min. We walk in & he said we had 1 min. I was like ok, we'll look right in front & then 10 sec later he says they are closed. I said "Well that was an interesting definition of 1 min" Ha! What happened to the Midnight closings??? We then walked around & looked at the interesting baby dinosaurs they have on the sidewalks. Kinda like the Cows in Chicago. One was cracked tiles so I explained how that was like the tile floor that grandpa had & how they clue the pieces back in that use to fall was 29 yrs old! HA! She loved that one. I'll have to take her back again.

Then today..ha! My niece is such a hoot. First, she has been all excited to go back to school for at least the past month. I thought, great she will love learning etc...nope! She can't wait because her grade has a new playground with monkey bars! HA! So then she said she was hoping to get the male teacher for her grade. Well, she found out she is getting him so she said, "It is just like Cinderella!" The adults looked at each other trying to figure out that one! HA! We won't go there! HA! She then starts to sing, "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes". Isn't that the cutest. Now you ready for the next one. We are out to dinner & she takes her 1/2 cherry & puts it up to her nose & starts to sing Rudolph. HA! We all were laughing so hard! I think some people at the other tables were also!

Well, hmmm am I suppose to go to bed early for class tomorrow?!? HA! I don't think that is going to happen! HA! Well you know professors don't assign much the first day anyways right? Just the syllabus! HA! Pathetic huh! Well, we will do a few fun things I'll tell you about tomorrow, but I do need to wash some clothes & figure out what I'm going to wear. You know those first impressions & students laughing at the Prof...well I don't mind actually I'll do things purposely to get them! HA! And I suppose I should start the school year off right & take some fruit & a nutritious lunch huh! HA! I have some treats for my colleagues too to get ready. Man what will my babies do with me gone after having me here during the summer...ha!  

Well good luck to everyone who is has kids returning to school tomorrow or later this week.


rebuketheworld said...

Hey Deb, I loved how you wrote this- We also talked about how the scarecrow kept coming up with great ideas but thought he didn't have a brain, how the Tim Man cried even though he thought he didn't have a heart & what courage is & how the lion went to save Dorothy.

The have and have nots, have.

What a great time you had. I love that kindof stuff. The magic in all of that. I still remember going to see Sound of Music with my grandmother and I was just away in such an imaginary world. Kids are so good at reminding us. Sounds like you had a great time and your niece, wow lucky she has you to understand her. I hope I never get too old to be a kid.

xomywayox said...

Cookie Dough & Oz what a wonderful evening!!!


helmswondermom said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!  I'd love to see Wizard of Oz on a big screen like that.  Your niece sounds like quite a character herself!

lurkynat said...

Im os proud of you for doing that for her! youare wonderful Deborah!