Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So Where are the Alpha Kens? :-)

You know it is just FREAKY how the perfect or maybe it is ironic songs are on when I am posting certain topics on my journal. Nope, sorry can't explain this one but....

I have sooooo much to post! I've been so busy & I want to share it all with you but I just don't have the time. Pretty soon you will probably get a tons of alerts from me! HA!

Lets see a brief...well I'll try...summary. I have a MAJOR creative idea for my classes & the ideas are just pouring out so fast I can't keep up with my brain...and that brain of mine is generally pretty fast so this just makes it so wild. I was working on it at Dr. Z's today & got about 35 ideas for it down. Then he was giving me some of his ideas on it...HA! (Future Post!)

My nieces have been visiting. The 15 1/2 yr old only this weekend, she has HS registration today. We went to the Brooks & Dunn concert Sat. AWESOME! (Future post!) Sugarland performed with them. My cousin's 13 yr old son's B-day party yesterday (Future Post)...hysterical...women are laughing louder & louder, guys are turning up the volume louder on the White Sox game & then we laugh over it & on & on it went! HA! More later...

As I mentioned I went to see Dr. Z. today. He took off the soft cast (4th week if you are counting...I sure was!) It looked much better. Problem is I was off work for 2 weeks so either it did get more rest & is healing or it is feeling better just because I'm not on it as much & the true test will be next week when classes begin. I go back to work tomorrow. As Dr. Z. left the room he said, "Don't get rid of that cast saver yet!" and smiled. This is what you put over your cast to shower. I said, "HEY...I need you to be positive for me!" he replied, "Well, you know if you do you'll end up back in a cast." I said, "Nice Save!" Ugh! He is too cute! I got him this pix on a greeting card. He loved it! He said he wanted to use it for their stretching handouts. I said I'll be an old lady & he will be haunting me to "stretch".  He is only a couple of yrs younger than me. He tried to make me feel good last summer saying he tore his groin muscle from not stretching. I gave him the eyebrow look & said,"Don't even go there...if I have to stretch for that I'm going to scream" Can you just imagine...wait honey I have to stretch! HA! I'm sorry I can't continue I'm laughing now! I thought the idea is that is how you get to stretch HA!

Now today I got this one emailed to me...

Ha! I guess there is some benefits of getting older...ha that is if you are stretching enough! HA! I'll have to give him this one too. OH MAN...I just thought of something...this is the effect of my brain when it gets all this creativity....do you know if they still sell those Stretch Armstrong dolls? Oh wait...is that an action figure...ugh! I should get him one & he can show his patients how much they have to stretch! HA!

Ok, so I get to leave with no soft cast & a new brace. 10 min later I get a sharp pain but it is up on my leg? Another one a bit later. UGH! So far no more. Lets just hope it is getting use to walking without the soft cast. I put a call out to him for tomorrow.

Ok, was I suppose to have this relate to my title of my post? HA! I'm about 2 weeks behind on some of my alerts & I just got to Raven's posting on the 
Transitions of Kens! I love it & you just have to check it out! As I commented...it is odd how since I was a teenager I liked older men. I think it is that Alpha Ken I like. The one who doesn't care about what other men think of him. The one that is comfortable with who he is, gets what life is really about, knows what he wants & is not afraid to go out & get it & to show his emotions & love. One who knows what integrity is & knows he is worth it & will not settle for less or take crap. At the same time one who respects & loves women even with flaws. Reminds me of "Good Will Hunting" when Robin William's character talks about his wife farting in bed...NO! NONE OF US DO THAT! :-) Well, that is what he misses the most now. The guy who helps women be their best and allow women to do the same for them. UNLIKE this guy sitting with his wife at the table next to me at the Bennigans tonight. It took everything in me not to just let him have it! He did get some interesting looks from me, so I think he knew! From his wife's look, I bet he will get it later in one form or another. Ha! And see that is what it shouldn't be.

Oh, I'm also having a problem with my neck since last week. I have no clue...some stupid Barbie thing! I flicked my hair when I switched sides with my curling iron. Got real bad Fri & got a muscle tension headache. Good yesterday, now creeping back. Feels like it is pinched. If it cracks it feels better. Well I'll have my PT guy look at that too. Ugh! Pathetic explaining that one...how did you injure it...curling my hair! UGH! See what I mean! Ugh...I should be mountain climbing or sky diving atleast for all these problems! HA!

Ok, gotta go...later!


xomywayox said...

LoL You were on a roll! Alpha Ken's huh? I guess I'm a somewhere int he middle kind of girl.


jadejonez04 said...

LOL I Pinched a nerve jus sneezing!  It happens....  It's so painfull too.... HUGS