Monday, August 28, 2006

Class at the Emmys

Ok, I only saw the last two awards of the Emmys because I was working on a "project" at my folks so I'm checking it out online a bit. Now what is happening to the class for actors. Case in point....(I'm going to give you links but incase they change them tomorrow I wanted to put the pix too for you to enlarge!!!

Look at Jeremy Piven...what is up with that? I actually like the guy a lot. Love him in the one teen movie...First Daughter...maybe not? There were two out at the time but the one with Mark Harmon as the President. I thought he was a hoot & so adorable. I like guys like that. Masculine with a bit of the soft teddy bear goofiness! He was actually passionate too (character at least!) about seeing what is important in the moment! Ok, then he is in Serendipity & that was pretty cool. Look at him in the picture. His coat is too tight, the color doesn't match the that blue? He looks like he is on drugs! Like hey with my mom with me noone can arrest me! GEEZ! Poor mom!

Now in contrast...look at that MAN!!!!!!!! ;-) I don't think you can make Tom look bad! HA! I'm liking that gotee...hee hee...kinda funny with his signature mustache though. I don't care...what is that line...One Fine Day when Michelle Pfiefer's character's mom says "He is altogether Yummy!" Of course she is speaking about George Clooney at the time, which is true also but I think Tom qualifies too! :-) Just give me him in jeans, no shirt & barefoot! Ha! I'm sorry I just can't resist that in a man! Levi is a GOD! HA!

Side notes...I don't mean to be mean whatsoever with this. God knows Hollywood projects too much on on being thin and I certainly am no skinny minnie, but looking at Lorraine Bracco I got this thought of her doing Jenny Craig with Kirstie Alley & them doing some kind of competitive thing duking it out on commercials. Ha! The two of them hmmm who do you think would win that fight! Ha!

Also, seems saggy boobs is now in...look at the dresses! :-) Well, maybe the baby boomers are saying "who cares" and plastic surgery is too exhausting? I'll sure be happy! HA! Aging is hell! Especially when you are not...tiny! Ha! But as I say that is why God created fun Bustiers! ;-)

If you click on the links above you can then go forward & back & look at all the rest of the pix. Anyone have a favorite dress? I like the purple ones & especially that one with the jewels on the back.

Joan Collins is aging a bit but Morgan Fairchild "looks" like she is still doing ok, but who knows really! HA! I like Afre Woodard's too. I liked her in "Something New."

Ok, enough rambling...what do you think!


chat2missie said...

I never watch the Emmys.  I must be the only one in the world who doesn't.

rebuketheworld said...

hey deb,,,I think your Tom link might be wrong, wasnt sure if that was the joke and it flew by me,,,yah that Jeremy guy is amazing,,,George Clooney,,oh my, he is gorgeous

lurkynat said...

der Deborah,
my my..yes he si cute! did you see that movie where he is trying to outguess a gypsy knife thrower form Romania?lol ilmao!
and you should be in teh movies cutie!