Saturday, September 2, 2006

What Are You Thinking???

This is a great example of why I just shake my head when people say one can think too much! HA! The problem is there is NOT ENOUGH thinking in society! Give me a break. Or I suppose you can say their thinking is flawed...yes that I will agree to. Now sometimes that can be because others have not provided enough information or are not explaining themselves well or do not explain how they feel, so someone can't figure things out correctly...sorry...where did that come from! HA! BUT...ha...something like this....

Did you all see this on John's journal? This woman calls 911 because Burger King did not make her order "Her Way". You have to listen to it. It is soooo pathetic!

I'm just thinking her poor kids, if she has them or God who is the man who picked her? Geez! He deserves her if he is going to marry someone like that. Can you imagine her on a daily basis. It would drive me nuts. Why would a guy want that kinda of life? I'm sorry, certainly at the core, I feel compassion for the woman. I'm sorry she is like this & just doesn't have a clue apparently. Maybe she is under extreme stress or didn't come in the world with the ability but....funny thing is I know someone who would probably do this! Ugh! This woman should be arrested for tying up the lines for real emergencies!

I can certainly believe it is an authentic call & that there have been many like this. Amazing what people do in this world. Ha! I remember a friend of mine said when she was a little girl she called the police on her older brother because he stole her teddy bear & would not give it back. Isn't that the cutest! Iactually love it. Even then, don't mess with her! HA! The police actually talked to her brother & got him in a bit of trouble! HA!

Well, mom wants to go see The Lake House so I'm going to get ready & head up by her. I love that movie! ;-) Sept. 29th I'll be getting my copy! Hee, Hee! Gotta get a few things, work on some projects for my students & maybe head to a fest, if the foot cooperates! So what are you all doing this weekend?


chat2missie said...

I've heard that phone call regarding Burger King.  Can you say Moron?? LOL.  I couldn't believe it when I first heard it.  I thought it was a joke, but no, it really happend.  Have a good weekend.

shadierush said...

Great entry! I agree completely!