Friday, August 18, 2006

My Visitor Update & Some!

Hi! Well, I checked on my little visitor when I left to head to PT & he was gone! I'm praying he took off by his own means & was not some ego starved kitty who got an easy catch & bragged about his bravery catching him. I just wished it was a better day for flying. It was gray and drizzly all day today! Ugh! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Fog is even setting in tonight.

Well I went to PT for the first time since I got my soft cast off on Mon. He was so glad to see me! :-) First, thing he said was "You've lost weight!" HA! Gotta love a man who says that to you. Actually, later in the evening my old neighbor said the same thing!! Well, he did the tens unit & then ultrasound but that was it. He didn't even massage it. Just poked a bit to see where it hurts. He said no stretching, treadmilling NOTHING! UGHHHHHH! I'm sooooo frustrated. I'm like the soft cast is off...LET'S GO! I know he wants it to rest more & if I push too hard it will just get worse but I'm just not a patient person. I'm use to figuring out what I want, what I have to do to get it & then GETTING IT! Darn high need for achiever in me! HA! I go back next Friday. God I hope I can do more after next week but we'll see what happens after being on it all next week for classes. Students come back Monday! 

After PT I went "Back to School Shopping" :-) Yep, I guess I did lose weight! Got some great cool stuff. Now I have to go through my closet & find what doesn't fit anymore & see if I want to do a garage sale this fall or just donate it. I'm thinking about moving. Going to make some phone calls next week.

Ahhh drinking some home made OJ! Put my clementines through my Jack LaLane juicer! :-) Now I have to go get some more clementines! HA! Going to get my hair perked up tomorrow. I don't know what the deal is but I just got it done 3 weeks ago & my bangs are too long already & the color is blah. Well, she'll fix it up for starting school. I think I'll go get a manicure & pedicure tomorrow too. A bit of pampering before starting school is called for I think! And my foot had been wrapped up in that soft cast for 4 weeks so it needs some primping! Then I think I'll head up north to my folks & spend the weekend with my little niece. She goes back home Sunday & then it will be back to school & I won't get to see her so much! :-(  Maybe she'll want to get some cookie dough again! Ha! I know, I'll split with her. I think they have a baby scoop! I want to also go walk this Labyrinth near there too.

I was all excited about getting a Verizon Q & then I found out our campus only supports Palm! UGH! Now I'm not sure what to do. I do need to figure this out soon. I need to figure out if I want to have my phone on it or just upgrade my phone seperately.

Well, need to go chill. More later!


xomywayox said...

I hope your lil vistor makes it! Shooping now thats a sport I love. LoL


lurkynat said...

Sounds like you had fun Deborah!