Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Shot But No Cast So Far!

Well, so far Dr. Z. didn't put me in a full cast. He checked it out but it was early afternoon & I had not been walking on it that much. My next apt I made for late in the evening so he can see it how I do then. He gave me another cortisone shot. That makes 4 in 6 weeks! I closed my eyes again. The autoinjector with the numbing stuff is worse. I told him they should have you practice Lamaze a bit first! He was laughing. Ugh! He put another soft cast on with an arch support in it. He said I should notice a difference in 2-3 days. I sure hope so! I hate being so slow & not being able to just go & do what I want to. There are elderly people with canes passing me by! Ugh! Just took my sock off...sure now it is all swollen! Geez!

Called my sis after & she wanted to meet me for dinner up a bit north from my folks. We had some good cheeseburgers at this bar. Then she had to go to a meeting so I just walked a tad to the Barnes & Noble across the street.

First I got "Left To Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza. If you don't know about her she managed to survive the Rwanda Holocaust by hiding in her pastor's bathroom for 91 days with several other women. I have to write a paper for my last class on the Holocaust from this past weekend relating the Holocaust of WWII to some more recent examples so I thought this might work. I've wanted to read it anyway. Then I got "The Holocaust Chronicle" which was on special. It was a cool thick hard cover book with a time line & pictures & short stories etc. I also got my niece this cute Monkey Planner for school and matching tablet book. Look what is inside! Also a green set of small stapler, tape etc. She likes green! Green & monkeys seem to "be in".

Then I went to Coldwater Creek to look around, still haven't spent my giftcard from my birthday LAST YEAR! Didn't find anything again & my sis couldn't find where her meeting was & decided to come back. I sat on the bench outside with my shoe & sock off & putting my leg up on the bench. It was hot but there was a breeze so actually I liked it. It was 8pm so much better by then.

Someone emailed me after reading this post & said "Sometimes a root beer float is just in order!" Ha! It made me think of Snoopy & his root beer so I thought I would add the pix!

We went to this cookie dough place but we both had rootbeer floats. I haven't had one all summer. I really wanted something cold & with ice but we couldn't find anyplace with somthing like that. It has been mighty hot in these parts lately. At 10:00 it was still 92! We stopped at Jamba Juice but they had just cleaned the floors & it smelled like bleach in there & then when we looked at the pamphlet of items all the juices had like 150g of sugar & I'm like NO WAY! Starbuck's didn't do it either, except there were a few cute cops in there! ;-) There were a few cute ones on bikes too riding around! ;-)

Then my sis was in the mood to see Pirates of the Carribean. I could have waited but she has been a bit bummed this week so I decided to go for her. I also thought laughing might help my foot too. It was ok...some funny lines. Now, I didn't know that there was another Rocky coming out though! You know that music just brings back the old feelings of the first one. ;-) I hope it is good! Then there was a new KEVIN KOSTNER movie coming out too. YUM! It is a Coast Guard one & it really looks a bit like Top Gun but just helicopters now. Man I still remember going to see Top Gun in College with my hall director & these two guys. HA! I'd still be in  line at midnight to watch Kevin! :-) I don't really like Ashton but I can just drool over Kevin! I just hope Kevin doesn't die in it. There are too many with him dying! Dang.....look at him in that uniform & with those glasses...YUMMY...sorry I think I need a private moment...ok a few moments! ;-)

There is also a movie with Ben Stiller & a bunch of others called "A Night at the Museum" where Ben works there & at night everything at the museum comes alive. Looks cute.

Well, I'm hoping the rest of the week to stay home & relax...need some me time! Saturday I'm going to Bears Camp though. Yep...the Bears are back in town! We got VIP tickets at work so I'm taking a friend. Hopefully it will stay as predicted & be much cooler. I'll do a posting on it over the weekend. I haven't been in the past so this might be fun. Did I ever tell you about the time I got to dance with Walter Payton? Actually, when I was shopping a bit with my sis today I saw a poster that his wife will be doing a speaking engagement soon. Ok, well, hmm this must have been sometime between 1987-1989 is my guess. A friend from college & I went to his bar & it was his birthday. After we sang to him & he blew out the candles on his cake he thanked everyone & said he has always had this dream of him dancing with tons of women...ha! What guy hasn't! So we all danced with him then. He was so lovely & kind making contact with each woman for a bit. He had the most GORGEOUS eyes & smile...and that is why they called him SWEETNESS! And he was a mighty fine dancer I might add! ;-) Those hips had to do those quick turns on the field & they move wonderfully on the dance floor!

I can't believe it! It is 3:40am & it says it is 80 degrees outside! UGH! I'm staying inside tomorrow!


helmswondermom said...

One of my great-nieces loves the color green and the word "monkey" is in her screen name!

xomywayox said...

With foot and all, sounds like a good evening with your sister. Good for you, I had heard that there was a new Rocky movie coming out. It's must see for me. Have a great week.


jeannieclaire said...

Hey, sorry to hear about the foot situation.  Hope you are on the mend!  Be well ... Jeannie