Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Little Visitor

I came home tonight & found a little visitor at my front door!!!! A little baby wren I think sitting in the corner like he was being punished or something. I thought maybe he was dead but he was upright & not on his side.

I came back outside with my flashlight. He looked at me as I flashed the light on him but didn't move. I don't know if he hit the window & is recovering from being stunned or what?

I went & got him a small shallow dish of water & some birdseed. Figured if he can just turn a bit he could get some nourishment. We'll see if he is still there tomorrow morning. Might call my vet. I don't think he will be bothered by the temp and I'm hoping the strolling cats don't think he is "free eats."

So far today no major pains in the foot but sitting in meetings again most of the day.  Well, say a few prayers for my little visitor. I'm sure his family is missing him tonight and he them.


rebuketheworld said...

Oh how sweet,,,,I had this canary once,,,,,I felt sorry for it always caged up, so I would let it out and it would fly around the house. Anyways,,kids left door open, saw the canary take off and within seconds a really big bird started chasing it...I was freaking out,,,,she didnt come back,,,,Hope the bird will be ok

siennastarr said...

I hope he is okay in the morning!  Let us know!


lurkynat said...

how sweet!

jeannieclaire said...

Hope your foot is better and your little visitor has prevailed. ;)

xomywayox said...

I adore defenders of anminals!! Way 2 go...