Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dreaming of Keanu Tonight! ;-)

O...M...G!!!!! I will have some mighty fine dreams tonight! Good Lord! I went to dinner & the movies with a cousin tonight. We have not really hung out before so it was fun. She really needed a girls night out. She lives with a hubby & 3 other little men! HA! We went to see The Lake House! View the trailer this way...better! Ok, let me just say if you have not seen it, it was soooo much better than I thought it would be. I never thought is was possible for Keanu to get any more handsome & SEXY! Total meltdown!!!! Ok, if you haven't seen it & don't want anything ruined, you better stop reading now & just come back after you do see it!

First, turtle necks & jeans are so hot on him. I love the coats too. You should have seen my cousin & I when he goes to the party (pix below!) and he is on the porch & they are showing his oh so lovely back side! HA! ;-) She wanted them to take his coat off so she could see his tooshie! I was like take the jeans off! HA! But really I didn't even need that! I just loved looking at his hamstrings in jeans. YUM! But I've always had a thing for hamstrings...and chests & biceps too. hee hee! :-) See I don't need any plot...just let me stare a Keanu for 2 hours! HA!

Now I will admit I found myself having a bit of difficulty figuring out which was effecting the other...kinda like a Somewhere In Time...she brings him the watch but she can only bring him the watch because he has come back in time to see her but he only comes back in time to see her because she brings the watch...ha! I think Sliding Doors was easier to follow...another good one!

I loved when they were dancing & the camera work on them was incredible! It really showed the anticipatory feelings, the longing and surrendering! (Long Sigh!) It also is quite interesting how they just met but feel that connection (chemistry?). Like when people say "they just knew" or "Love at first sight." I don't know if I ever really believed in that. I mean I guess I always think it is hindsight bias but maybe it is because I never...hmmm fully felt it...I mean maybe a bit but then again obviously it didn't work out so... You know you think you feel that way & then it doesn't turn out so then were you wrong when you felt that?

The movie is kinda like You Got Mail too with the idea of falling in love with just letters. Is that really possible...ha funny since they kinda ask that question on the time factor! I know some critics didn't like it but geez just enjoy & don't analyze so much! HA! Go figure.. that comment from me! Movies are suppose to be an escape & sometimes nonreality...I mean like Snakes on a Plane makes logical sense! HA! Bush will have someone to bomb for that happening no doubt! HA!

It did make me think however...she asks if one can get a second about a third? It made me think how every event in our lives makes us grow & be a different person. Yes, I suppose for the better or is a roller coaster makes one think about how every relationship, even if they do not work out brings us to the person we currently are AND ready for the next person or "THE" person we are meant to be with. She returns to the "old boyfriend" a number of times, she sees "Alex" a number of times but it isn't meant to be until they meet in the end (or we assume at that point) because that is the "right/perfect time". You know that "timing is everything" idea. What do you all think about that? I suppose I do believe that. It made me think about how he (or some guy in my life) may not be "the right person yet" to connect with her (me). And for that matter she (or I) could not be "the right person yet" for him...even a number of times meeting. We have to go through all the other experiences and then it works later. ??? What do you think? I suppose this is true not just for relationships but other experiences, illnesses etc. Hmmm.

Well, all I can say is I'm pre-ordering my DVD which comes out Sept 26th! :-) I liked the music too...take a listen (scroll down). I think I'll go get it tomorrow.

There were quite a few couples in the theater & the whole row behind us were a bunch of girlfriends that were probably in their 50s! HA! I think they were drooling just as much. I know my mom drools for Keanu so maybe I'll take her this week to see it! HA!

I did like some of "Alex's" ideas on his dad & the construction of the house. That was great insight! I love the idea of the building working with the environment. OHHH I almost forgot. You may not have known but I reacted...ha...part of the film was taped in the lobby of Roosevelt University! I was like OMG...ha...I spent so much time there working on my Masters. And then when they are showing the outside where you see Buckingham Fountain in the distance & the Indian on the horse...that would have been shot from the 2nd floor study area. Hard to study end up watching everyone outside! I wish I knew they were taping there I would have gone & drooled watching Keanu in person! HA!

Well let me know what you thought if you did go see it.


siennastarr said...

Haven't seen it yet, but I really want to!  Is it STILL playing at theatres?  Gosh, it seems as if it's been out for a long time!  Or maybe I've just been reading about it for awhile! lol

Keanu is definitely HOT!  I'm 53 and it matters not!  I still drool over him! lol

I think the critics are always too hard on some movies.  They panned "Some Where in Time" too..   It didn't become a must see movie unitl it went to VHS.  I like that type of movie.. always have.


xomywayox said...

I want to see these movie!!! I'd admit that I didn't finish reading this entry cause I don't want to know what happens! LoL Glad you had a good time..


chat2missie said...

I will have to add this movie to my must see list.

lurkynat said...

thanks for the great review Deborah!
hugs from natalie

lurkynat said...

thanks for teh great review Deborah!
hugs from natalie